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Hi! and here are some 12 beauty and fashion tips that you might find useful. Starting from 12 to 1.

#12 Keep Dirty Shoes from Ruining Clothes


Packing multiple pairs of shoes? Don’t let your shoes get dirt and debris on your clean clothing! Stash each pair of shoes you pack in a shower cap. Most hotels provide a shower cap in the bathroom, so you know even after you arrive, a clean cap isn’t far away. This trick is especially hand if you spend time at the beach, a theme park, and other locations you’ll likely to pick up several bits of debris or sand.

#11 Fix a Stuck Suitcase Zipper


There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to close your suitcase before taking flight, only to have the zipper refuse to budge. You can help the zipper get unstuck by rubbing a bit of Vaseline, soap, or lip balm on the teeth. The slick coating will help the zipper go along its way.

#10 Keep Earrings Together


Tired of losing an earring at the bottom of your purse or bag? Take a button and put your earrings into it, fastening the earring back to the button. The button will keep the earrings in place, and you’ll avoid losing a pair of your favorite earrings. You’ll also finally have a use for those spare buttons you kept “just in case.”

#9 Store Jewelry Easily


Why pay for an expensive jewelry travel case? You can store pieces of your jewelry in an empty pill case. These cases are often free at doctor’s offices or pharmacies, and keep multiple pieces of jewelry protected.

#8 Store Q-Tips Securely


Q-tips are some of the best beauty tools, but digging them out from your purse is a pain. Most of the time, they get caked with makeup and other gunk, which you don’t want on your skin. You can stash clean q-tips in an empty pill bottle with the label removed. Try dressing up the bottle with a bit of colorful fabric or duct tape, so you can spot it in easily in your bags.

#7 Keep Hair Accessories Organized


If you have small hair accesssories such as bobby pins or hair ties, keep them together by storing them in an empty Tic Tac box. You can even decorate the the box with a strip of colorful duct tape so it will be easier to spot in your luggage when unpacking. You’ll keep the pins from breaking and messing up with your clothes.

#6 Holster Your Curling or Flat Iron


If you consider your curling iron or flat iron a necessity, then you know how annoying it can be to pack, especially if it’s still warm. You can pack it in a potholder when it’s still warm. Some crafters have sewed little pouches out of these, but you can also use a simple hand-shaped potholder. Do not use a silicone-based potholder, only the traditional fabric types!

#5 Protect Bracelets and Necklaces with Straws

8Tangled and broken jewelry isn’t on the top of your vacation wish list, are they? You can avoid dealing with losing your favorite necklace by protecting your necklaces and bracelets by placing them into straws. Common drinking straws will make sure the fine chains don’t get tangled, snagged, or broken.

#4 Store Makeup in a Contact Lens Case


Instead of hauling big bulky bottles that might leak, try putting your foundation or other liquid makeup into a contact lens case. Make sure the case is clean before you put the makeup in though. The same tip works for any liquid such as aftershave.

#3 Save the Razor with a Binder Clip


Don’t let an errant razor shred your clothes! Keep the razor contained and sharp in a suitcase by clipping a binder clip onto it. You’ll also risk the chance of cutting yourself when digging around for the razor in a full bag. No cuts, no problem!

#2 Keep Clothes Fresh With Dryer Sheets


Sometimes the suitcase isn’t too good to our clothes. It may smell musty or have odors from travel. You don’t want these scents on your clothes, do you? When you travel, keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh with a handy dryer sheet. Just slip it in your clothes when you pack. This tip will also help clean clothes from smelling funky from dirty clothes sharing the same space after a hike or other physical activity.

#1 Store Makeup Brushes in a Sunglasses Case


Stop makeup brushes and tools from getting damaged by storing them in an eyeglasses case. You can find a cheap case at your local discount store, so you don’t even have to give up that chic Coach case to do it. Bonus tip is that these cases are great for storing cell phone chargers as well.

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