10 things we learned from the FA Community Shield

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Arsenal have won the community shield beating Manchester City 3-0 in a result that very few would have seen coming. Following a cracking first match to the English football season, here are a few things we learnt

  1.  Arsenal is ready to win trophies: You can call it a pre-season match all you want but the truth is Arsenal played with more desire and drive than Manchester City and it is not because Manchester City didn’t take the match serious, because they did. Arsenal just wanted to win it more. They have a squad that finally knows what victory feels like and they want a taste of that again. So the premier league should get ready.
  2. Manchester City still have work to do: They may have won the league last season but they have become targets and their team though it wasn’t the strongest side on the pitch needs to play at a higher level and they need to make more chances count.
  3. Arsenal did better business in the transfer window: Sanchez was the man in attack for Arsenal in the first half, running at the Manchester City defense at will, and Calum Chambers and Debuchy had very good showings for their first competitive match while Cabellero didn’t have the best debut in goal for Manchester City today. And the Arsenal signings seem ready to take on the premier league
  4. Hart and Szcezny are still first choices: Cabellero didn’t perform as expected failing to organize his defense and being at fault for the third goal and Szcezny was simply fantastic in goal to ensure that going in to the first match of the season, both Manchester City’s and Arsenal’s 1st choice goalies last season would still maintain their positions.
  5. Kompany is Manchester City’s defense: Manchester City’s defense was all over the place today and it was clear that the defense needed the toughness and organization that Kompany brings to the table and having just one defense marshal is never good enough
  6. Wilshere is ready to step up: Jack Wilshere may have had his controversies in the media with all the smoking lately but he was ready to pull the strings in the midfield and he was always willing to get forward and unafraid to go into the tackle.
  7.  Sanogo is not a flash in the pan: Yaya Sanogo had to wait a long time for his first senior Arsenal goal. And when he scored one, he scored three more. And his strength and direct running against Manchester City was nothing short of a joy to watch
  8. Money brings trophies: Arsenal spent 40 million euros on Ozil and won the FA cup and more money on Sanchez and Debuchy and hello Community shield. Dear Wenger, money buys trophies
  9. Giroud’s time is up: Arsenal have endured Giroud for the past two seasons but with the arrival of Sanchez and the coming to the fore of Sanogo and Campbell may just spell the end of the Frenchman’s reign as Wenger’s top man.
  10. Manchester City need Aguero: Manchester City’s highest goal scorer last season and their most potent attacking threat was and still is Aguero. They failed to find the back of the net today, ‘nuff said.
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