Woman Strips Naked To Hug Nelson Mandela’s Statue (18+ Photos)

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An unknown woman caused a stir at the Nelson Mandela Square in South Africa when she stripped naked, caressed and hugged Mandela’s statue.
The guard on duty then told put on her clothes ,which she did and left.

Khotso Tladi, a chef at Baglios said: “She didn’t have a nice body, everything was saggy and she had hair. Afroman was better.”



Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

•SiLiFaH •Tall •Black •Beautiful •Forbes Woman •Tongue Twister •Tailor •Fruit Lover

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  1. She’s awesome! Courage & beauty and a love of liberty! Bring back our primal ways of life! Our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of- in public or private!

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