U.N. Recognizes Gay Marriage For All Staff

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Ban Ki-moon, U.N. Secretary announced on Monday that the U.N. would recognize gay marriages of all its staffs, in a major policy shift that opens the door for the spouses of homosexual employees to enjoy the same benefits as the husbands and wives of their heterosexual colleagues.

Before this new development, the U.N. only used to recognize gay unions from staff members who came from countries where gay marriage is legal, abc News reports.

“Too many of us have suffered under the previous policy. Too many of us have been unable to secure, for example, residency visas and health benefits for our spouses because of a discriminatory policy that would refuse to recognize our legal partners. Let us just enjoy this moment, this huge victory,” said Hyung Hak Nam President of UN-Globe, a group representing LGBT staff members at the U.N.

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