They Can’t Sit With Us: Beyonce Says ‘Never’ To Blue Ivy – North West Friendship

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For reasons unknown, Beyonce has barely concealed her dislike for Kim Kardashian, and that dislike seems to have extended to Kim’s baby, North West.

One would naturally expect that the daughters of such close friends like Jay-Z & Kanye West would have been pictured together hanging out but Beyonce has made sure Blue is Kardashian-free.

“When the rappers were on tour, Beyonce was forced to sit with Kim at shows and hang with her after, and she put up with it through gritted teeth,” said a source to OK magazine.

“Bey and Jay feel like they’ve been dragged through the mud with all the drama surrounding their absence at the Kimye wedding,” says the source, adding that Jay has actually been moving away from his former BFF for some time. “Jay made it clear to Kanye that he doesn’t approve of the choices hes making in his personal life and it will end in disaster for his career.”



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