The Things Every Naked Man Wants to Hear You Say

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Not like they want to hear you say anything when they are naked to be honest, but there are some words that if you say, makes them feel so good they will never want you to shut up.

Words like;

You’re so hot

Men can be as insecure as women are and believe me, they want to hear you say the words when you see it. So when you tell a man who is about to plant himself in between your thighs that he is hot? You just put him on cloud nine and he is definitely taking you on that ride with him!

I want you… right now

Those words are like music to a man’s ears. Of course he knows you want him and that is why you got naked with him in the first place, but hearing him reiterate the words? Oh my goodness, you just made one man happier than he already was. And by happier we mean happier down there.

Tell me how you like it

I read from Women’s health that this means a woman is ready to try out new things and does not mind getting a little bit experimental. That is the message it sends to the man, it also means that the woman wants to try out the man’s own suggestions which means that he will readily try hers too.

This feels so good

Men like to know when they are hitting that right. This is the least time for them to be Frank Edoho and ask you a million and one questions. They want to hear you mouth the words if you’re feeling the act. So when you utter these words to a man who is working all hard to make you feel good, he will feel like a million bucks.

That is the best D I have ever seen

Oh say this only if you mean it. But I doubt a man will care while he is in the throes of passion if you mean it or not.


You know the best things you can say when a man is naked and inside of you? Moan. That says a million and one words, words your man will be so glad to hear.



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