The Shadow Episode 9 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

Lisa looked just as beautiful as the other time. Her make up was light, almost as if she was wearing none. The maxi dress she had on was not form fitting but suited her perfectly. Olaore could not stop staring at the beautiful standing in front of him. He could have stayed their forever if it was not her sweet angelic voice that brought him back to life.

“Are we going to spend the night outside? I’m feeling so cold”

“I’m so sorry. I cant just stop staring at you”

“Why  cant you stop staring? Don’t give me that you are just too beautiful bullshit”

“Why not? You are really beautiful. Like an angel”

“Come on, don’t tell me you are like all those random guys with whack lines?, she rolled her eyes to emphasize her point.

“I’m actually rusty with these things but I say the truth especially when it is obvious”

“Pfffftttttt. Ore, let’s go inside joor before i turn into a pillar of ice”

Ore opened the door and within minutes, Lisa had already made herself comfortable. She had turned the TV on and was already going through his books and magazines.

“Ore, i’m hungry jare. I need correct food. Sick of the noodles and mama risi’s food. I need correct home made food.”

Ore studied her for a while before answering her.

“You are already making yourself at home. Go to the kitchen and do justice to that request”

“Na wa for you. You cannot even say you will make something for me. Unromantic boy”

“Well, i’m an expert in making noodles and noodles. You clearly don’t want it.”

“Hmmmmm. Big man like you cant cook. Let me teach you so you can cook for your girlfriend anytime she comes around”

“Girl what did you say?”

“D-uuuh. I said your girlfriend or should i say wife to be?”

“Except you want that title, i’m as free as a bird.”

“You are single? Like for real?”

“Yeah, i am. I can change the status only if you are the reason”

Lisa picked up a book and pretended as if she did not hear Olaore. He knew she was not going to say anything yet because he knew himself that it was too soon.

“Oya let’s go to the kitchen so you can cook your correct food and teach me in the process”

“I’m kind of not hungry again jare. You still keep cookies in your fridge, right?”

“Yeah. Just got a fresh batch yesterday. With that iced tea you claim is awesome”

“It is aweZOME sef. Let me take that first. Maybe my appetite for real food will show face afterwards.”

“Okay, let me get them for you. When you are full, we can talk. Is that okay by you?”

Lisa replied with yes and a shy smile. Something about the way Ore had asked her to be his girlfriend made her somehow shy and excited. There was sincerity in his voice and Lisa was a sucker for sincere men. Her number one thing her man must be was sincere and Olaore was already worming his way into her heart. She had to be careful. Peter her brother would not support their relationship if she says yes to olaore. She smelled trouble but sadly, Lisa loved trouble.

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