The Shadow Episode 8 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

The Shadow watched the girls smooching and kissing themselves. He was getting aroused and disgusted with their shameful display but he had to wait for the right time. He had all the time in the world to do whatever he wanted to do. He had no policemen chasing him or anybody suspecting him; not that anybody could guess what was going on. He was very sure they were clueless about everything happening. He smiled at the incompetency of the supposed security men of the nation, they made crime very easy to commit and get away with.


The light skinned of the girls was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. She was not a lesbian and had never tried making out with another girl before. When the man told them to do it for an extra fifty thousand naira, she had obliged without thinking twice and now, she wished she had said no. The dark girl kept touching her body and kissing her as if she was a man, like she had been waiting for that opportunity to have a piece of her. She used side-eye to look at their customer for the night and saw him smiling like he was really enjoying the moment except he had a faraway look in his eyes that said he was not really seeing whatever they were doing.


The dark skinned girl reached out for one of her nipples and started suckling like a starved child. She rolled her eyes and called out to their client.

“Errrm, oga, how long are we going to do this”

“Just continue till I say stop. You guys are amazing together”

“Really?”, the dark girl asked and reached for her mouth again. She gave up and decided to endure. After all, she had one hundred and fifty thousand naira to compensate for it.


He looked at them and felt it was time. The girls were lost in the moment and it was time to send them where they belonged. He brought out six syringe filled with morphine. He knew the girl had been drinking and smoking weed, it would work very fast and they would be dining with the devil in no time. He looked at the taser and felt there was no need for it but made sure it was where he could reach for it easily if things went messy.

“So, I was thinking we should get naughty”

The light skinned girl looked up and smiled. There was relief written all over her face, as if she was glad to be rid of the other girl.

“As long as the naughty involves you, I am in”, she winked and him a sexy smile pregnant with wild promises.

“Oh, we have the whole night to do that and I don’t want to have you both at the back of the car. I want you in my bed”

The girls giggled.

“I was thinking we should get really high before we go to my place”

“High, as in smoke weed or?”, the dark girl asked.

“Nah. Some really good stuff. You girls ever tried morphine before?”

“Nope. Is it as good as they say?”

“Oh sure, it is. If you take the tripple dose, you will be lounging with the angels in heaven”

“Oh yeah? Give us, mayne. We want to try it then”


He brought out the needle and injected them. The girls were too easy.

“Can you both walk? Come to the front of the car, I want to see you both naked with the headlights on. It turns me on like crazy”

The girls got down but it was not long before they fell to ground, shaking and gasping for breathe. His skin-like mask joined them on the floor; after he had wiped it thoroughly. He double checked the girls for something that could incriminate him. Seeing none, he drove off. Turning the volume of the music to the highest, he felt so good with himself

“I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky”, he sang along with R. Kelly.


Just then, the car that belonged to Detective Olaore sped by. He was so into a phone call and was also rushing to meet Lisa at home that he did not notice anything. Even when the car with the too loud music almost bumped into him, he did not stop. If only he had known that was The Shadow.


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