The Shadow Episode 7 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

Delani held her mug of coffee and stared into darky, murky content. She loved coffee a lot but that morning, it was not just good enough because it could not bring back her sweet, darling Mary. “Oh Mary”, she muttered under her breath. She remembered the first time they had met at the father’s house. When Mary walked in looking a vixen in a gown that stuck to her skin like second flesh, Delani had been shocked. She had even been more shocked when her godfather; Pastor Pitan introduced Mary to her as his daughter. She had almost choked on the glass of juice she had been served. How could the sweet, generous man of God be blessed with such a wayward daughter, she had thought to herself.


Mary was not even bothered about Delani’s obvious discomfort, she just moved about the room looking for what was not lost and always bending in front of Delani. Delani tried to look away but the well shaped butt, long toned legs kept Mary practically shoved in her face would not allow her. When the pastor left both of them to check for something in his study, Mary came on to Delani and it did not take before they were swallowing each other’s lips in a deep kiss. One thing led to another and they became a couple.


Delani was a devoted lover but Mary was always running off and on. She had begged her to stay with her and start a new life but Mary never listened. She had told Delani several times that she loved her freedom too much to be tied down with one person. She wanted to explore the world without anybody stopping her. She would only come to Delani when she needed money. They would have sex and by the Delani would wake up, she is gone with her purse cleared. There was a time she took her atm card away and she would not have known if not for the debit alert from her bank. She had gotten so angry that she refused to talk to her for a while but Mary had a way of making Delani forgive her without even trying to hard, all she had to do was look at her and she would forget whatever made her angry at first.


Delani’s hands were shaking and she threw the mug with the coffee on the floor. Brown liquid soaked her cream rug and created an ugly pattern. Her clothes were splattered with coffee and same with the screen of her laptop and some papers on the table. She did not mind the stain, she was not bothered. All that mattered was the fact that she could not save mary and tame her till she was killed. She blamed herself for allowing Mary get away with everything, she blamed herself for not being firm with her, she blamed herself for not protecting her, she blamed herself for the damned emotions that blinded her to the danger she was exposed to. Delani blamed herself and promised to do everything to have Mary’s killer pay for what he had done to her one true love.


The shadow looked at the pictures on his phone and shook his head. Those girls were useless and they need to be gone, the world needs only good girls. He opened one of the pictures and smiled at himself. He had sent 3 girls to where they belonged; two planned and one was unplanned. It was time for number 4 and he could even do number 5 too. The police were too dumb to figure anything out. He could do whatever he wanted and when he wanted to. He smiled smugly as he picked up the key to his car; he had work to do.


Two girls were dressed in cut-off denim shorts and cropped top with the name of a club written on it. Both of them had stepped out to smoke weed and had decided to enjoy the fresh air for a while before going back into the club. One of the girls was about to light another blunt when a man walked up to them. He was not old but was not young either. He wore a crisp shirt and trousers that made him look unfit for the environment. One of the girls noticed the rosary he was wearing and asked if he was a pastor or reverend. The man smiled and asked if they were up for the night. He would pay them each a hundred thousand naira if they agreed to follow him home. The dark girl said she was still working and the light one said one night away from work won’t kill them plus they had 100 gees to make up for it. After much talk, the dark girl agreed and they both went with the man who kept rubbing the cross pendant of his rosary.

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