The Shadow Episode 11 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

Peter dropped his phone on the table angrily and bit his lip very hard to prevent him from screaming. His sister was really making things difficult for him by refusing to quit her job. He had called everyone to talk her out of it on his behalf but it did not work. Lisa was bent on making extra money apart from the allowance he was giving her. He knew it was not enough but he tried all the time to make his baby sis a happy young lady. She was everything he had and he had vowed to always take care of her but as an assistant pastor and an online retailer, there was never enough cash to fulfill that promise. Peter picked up his bible and read his favourite verse that always managed to have a soothing effect on him whenever he was angry or sad or miserable. The verse did not lessen his anger. He knelt down and begin to pray.

“Lord, help me to act rational. Help me not to do something i will regret.”

Sighing heavily, he said a few more lines of prayer but he had an ominous feeling the devil was out to get him.

“Give me strength, Lord, to overcome”.


Her phone vibrated and she woke up. She picked it to check who it was. She hissed when she saw it was a broadcast message from one of her ghost contacts. She thought about ending the chat but a part of the message got her attention. She opened it and she almost dropped her phone out of anger. The shadow was making headlines faster than the spread of the Ebola disease and that was making business bad for her. Her club houses were experiencing decrease in the numbers of customer daily because the girls worked at her club. First, it was Syrup, now it was The blues. Her friends had called her to ask what she was going to do about the man killing her girl but she had always ignored them thinking it was just coincidental that those girls were being killed. With 4 girls and one of her trusted managers gone, she had every reason to be afraid. Someone was out to get her and the person was doing it through her business. She needed to stop the person once and for all. She picked up her phone and dialed a number she had promised not to call again.

“So, you still have this number?”

“This is no time for jokes. I need to really talk to you”

“What makes you think I want to talk to you?”

“Oh please. I know you hate me and all but i really need to see you. It is very important that i see you”

“Suddenly, miss powerful wants us to see. Don’t you have businesses to attend to”

“Cut the teasing. I am sorry if you actually hate me that much not to give a hoot about the fact that this is not a pleasure call”

“Oh, you are breaking my heart. Here I am thinking you miss me”

“I do, you know I always do but right now I need you to help me with something. You are the only one I can actually trust”

“Hmm. And you cant say it on the phone, right?”

“No, I can’t. Pick a time and venue, I’ll meet you there”

“Okay, expect a text in a bit”

“Thank you”


She dropped the call and heaved a sigh. The youngish business mogul had almost thought she would be rejected. Her phone vibrated and she read the text.

“Bluemoon hotel by 5pm today. Wear something uninteresting. I don’t want the camera flashes in my eyes”

Teased or not, she was finally glad to get help from someone that hates her but she can trust with her whole life.


Delani could not believe her luck. She had been trying to get to her one-time lover unsuccesfully but luck had brought her mohammed to her mountain. The call was all the sign she needed that everything was going to be fine and the shadow would be behind bars or in heaven; whichever comes first very soon. Wearing a polo shirt, short and sneakers, she headed to the bluemoon hotel thinking why she had chosen the place. The bluemoon hotel used to be a really significamt place for both of them till Titilope had destroyed everything they had built together when she announced her engagement to her cousin. She had been heartbroken and it took all the strength in her to attend the wedding. She had almost killed both of them that day but nature revenged on her behalf and they were divorced years after marriage. By then, it was too late to rekindle their broken romance. Delani reached the hotel and got down, taking in her environment. A lot had changed, including her. She had gotten over titi or she thought till she saw her getting down from a cab. She was wearing a tight jeans and a tanktop with ballet flats. A scarf covered her head and she wore a big eye glass. She had obviously taken her message seriously. Simply dressed, Titi was stunning and Delani could feel her heart racing and she was hot all over. So much for “things have changed”.


Lisa wore her most scandalous dress. It was a red dress that clung to her body like a leech and so short, she dared not bend. It had a plunging neckline that showcased he fresh cleavage. She piled her face with heavy make-up and wore her very long full fringed wig. When she looked at the mirror, she saw a girl filled with life and ready to party  a girl with no care for anything in the world but herself, exactly how she was feeling. People she knew were dying and she was tired of holing up in her room and crying. If Theresa was still alive, she would have told her to smoke a blunt, dress to cause confusion, head out to the club and party till your clothes are dripping with sweat. Although Lisa did not smoke, she had gotten dressed and was planning to be at the club till her body asked for rest. Her phone rang and she checked if it was Ore calling her. It was her brother Peter. She ignored the call, slipped on her very high heels and went out. Life was too short to live by rules and protocols of her saint of a brother. Only if she had known what awaited her, she could have stayed back at home.


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