The Shadow Episode 10 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

It’s been almost two months the shadow started murdering women and it seemed as if he was the only one having fun because everyone was talking about him; he was suddenly making the headlines more than Boko Haram and the reporters were obviously excited too. It was as if everybody’s discomfort was a fuel for them. They kept fishing for stories where there were really nothing except dead women increasing in number.  Anytime there was a body found, they linked it to the serial murder of the shadow. There were officially 5 bodies but the newsmen had trippled the number and made up a theory that the killer was a jealous sick bastard that was killing women that had ever said no to his advances since he was a teenager. Some said he was a chauvinist that hated women’s guts. The shadow hated women; bad nasty women, alright but they were not close to why he was killing them.


The police were frustrated, the women especially those who work in clubs and commercial sex workers were very afraid, the community was agitated. Everybody wanted it all to be over with so they can resume their normal lives. It was difficult to walk at night without being scared. Parents started warning their girls not to talk to strangers. Any driver that stopped to give anyone lift out of goodwill got cursed.

“Olosi, you want to kill me abi? God will not gree for you”

“Did i tell you i cant afford a taxi or my own bus fare? Abeg, go away, murderer like you”

“No, thank you. I’m not ready to die yet”

Every man was a suspect. Even when the bus is filled with men, girls would stay away from it. The rate of girls that followed men had dropped drastically. Girls stayed away from men; everyone was scared of dying.


Olaore was scared of losing his job. The commissioner had just called him to get to the root of the killings or his job was at stake. The news of new dead girls hit the newstands like a plague and the commisioner was not to happy about it. Everyone was at his neck and he decided to chop ore’s neck off. He picked a stick of cigarette from the pack and lit it. He needed to think and find a pattern. What was it the shadow was hiding in plain view? There has to be something that made the shadow tick and scared; he was human afterall. His phone rang and he looked at the screen. Lisa. He allowed himself to smile. Lisa; his beautiful distraction but it was not the time to be distracted. He looked at his phone till it stopped ringing. He switched the phone off thinking she should understand.


Lisa was not smiling. She needed to talk to Ore urgently and he was not picking his calls. She was confused, angry and sad and she felt only her new boyfriend could help her. Her phone rang and she quickly picked it, thinking it was olaore.

“Baby, what’s up with you now?”

“Ba what? You now call your brother baby? New trend in schoo?”

“Oh. It is you, brother. I didnt know”

“Hmmm, where you expecting your baby’s call? Who is the baby sef, ehn? Someone from the club?”

“No, brother. It is nothing. How are you?”

“You will not change the topic, young lady. I want to know who this baby is”

“Brother, oya he is my friend. Just a friend”

“Friend, ehn? Didnt you see what happened to theresa or you need me to send links of the news to you?”

“I know bros, i saw the news and her mom has called me too”

“See what all these your nonsense club work can cause, ehn? She went and killed herself because of money. Her pictures are everywhere,naked ones at that.”

“Brother, i need to go. I have a class now and it is test”

“Run off o. A word is sha enough for the wise before you die like your roommate”


Lisa ended the call and fell on her bed. Fat tears ran down her cheeks and tried olaore’s number again. Switched off. She cuddled her pillow and wished Ore would just appear in her room. She needed comfort from him.


Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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