The Obamas Celebrate Malia Obama’s 16th Birthday

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The Obamas have always been pretty good about keeping their family life low-key, especially that of daughters, Sasha and Malia. But Malia got a big surprise when she recently received a car for her 16th birthday. The Daily Mail reports that according to sources close to the family, although Malia’s got her own set of wheels, she won’t be on the road alone for at least another year.

The FLOTUS even joked:

“Ladies and gentlemen in DC, watch out!”

“Malia Obama on the road – kinda frightening.”

Malia shares her birthday coincidentally with our country, but D.C. law states she can’t be too independent just yet as drivers cannot drive without an adult until the age of 17 and after six months of being licensed.

Proud papa President Obama released few details about how the family celebrated (Rapper Pitbull performed on the White House lawn, but that may have just been for the 4th of July celebration), but he did have this to say about Sasha’s progress on the gas pedal:

“And, of course, this is always a special day for us because this is Malia’s birthday.”

“She’s getting her license, but she has to practice a little bit before that happens.”

E! Online did report that Malia managed to get in a trip to Disneyland earlier this week to start the birthday festivities off right.



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