The Most Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body When You Fall in Love

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A lot of things happen to us when we find that special someone, those things include:

-The heart slows down: being in love affects the hormone levels, decreasing the blood rate and blood pressure.

-Insomnia comes knocking: Okay, just kidding. But being in love keeps you awake and can even keep you awake all night long.

-You become your own painkiller: Love activates the same neutral receptors in the brain as pain soothing drugs.

-You have a sweet mouth: That means, everything suddenly has a sweet flavor to you. According to American Psychological Association, Students in one study wrote about love and then sampled different foods and drinks. Regardless of what they taste, they said everything had a sweet flavor.

-You easily lose concentration: Because you are constantly thinking about your partner, being in love can affect your ability to concentrate on specific tasks and assignments.

-Your bones become stronger: Researchers apparently found a similarity between happily married couples and better bone health.

See why you should fall in love like right now?




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