The Cure for Shopaholics

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To all the shopping fanatics out there, I want you to understand that there is no ONE single cure to your problem. Have you ever heard of a disease that is ‘purposely’ acquired? Over shopping is that widespread disease that’s transmitted from one abled body to another! The love for buying and receiving attractive, expensive and luxurious things is overwhelming in today’s society. Sometimes it’s out of our control and we don’t even realize it. Before you make a purchase, do you think about it? Do you actually think about how a product/ service is going to benefit you, or are you just purchasing it because you feel like it? Down below I will talk about a few things from a Nigerian’s stand point.

Greed plays a major role when it comes to shopaholics. Greed is caused by the hunger to stay relevant in the community/ society. Jealousy is one of the main causes of greed, and when you’re greedy, you’re mainly focused on yourself. You focus on acquiring things no matter the cost and believe that such will sooth your soul. In our communities, there are various classes in the social hierarchy and it basically illustrates a picture showing that the higher up you go, the better off you are. This of course is true financially, but is it true overall? From what I see the richer you are, the more bills/ taxes you have to pay, social competitions increase and mind-boggling challenges arise. In all honesty, material items cannot replace emotional feelings no matter how hard you try. I know it’s hard because in this world we live in, almost everyone is trying to outshine the other and prove a point, but it doesn’t mean we should break the bank while we’re at it.

Over shopping is like an addiction. At time it can be caused by loneliness/ boredom. Not only do you enjoy getting new things, but you derive a strong pleasure from the physical process it requires being within stores. It doesn’t matter if you have a preference of things to buy. If you don’t see a shopping center in a few days, you feel like you’re getting sick. The smell of new clothes and store bags has affected your senses in such a way that you feel like you can’t control yourself most times. It has gone to the point where you must pick up one thing before you leave a shop. Even if you have a grocery list for example, you end up paying for way more than you expected by the check-out area and for some reason you wonder how your charges got so high. As if you don’t know you’re not well. What a lot of people don’t understand till this day is that no matter how many items you buy, it will never be enough to fill up your void.

I am very comfortable speaking about over shopping because I used to be terribly guilty! I was so guilty that I had realized it, knew that I needed some kind of intervention and chose not to do anything about it. I personally felt and still feel that there is no one class or few lessons to learn that will ‘properly’ teach me how to stop spending as much as I do because I just don’t think it’s a fully ‘natural’ process. I’m not discrediting anyone that goes down that path, but I don’t believe I have to pay to ‘supposedly’ get a cure for such a matter. The change will be a periodic one that must come from within. I figured out when to stop on my own and it was simpler than I thought. An over shopper will continue in their bad ways and refuse to admit he/ she loves to hear the cash register open and are pained by each swiping of their card. The time he/ she will learn (Naija Style) is when they realize that with all they’re buying, there are no extra coins left to purchase groceries, take care of their bills and remember this life we live is no small chop game. People like to spend recklessly and live like there is no tomorrow. It’s not because we are not guaranteed of tomorrow that one must abandon their responsibilities and misbehave in any kind of way. That’s why I ask myself now a series of questions before I make certain purchases. I determine if the purchase is an impulsive one, if it’s a want or necessity and if I can actually live without whatever it might be. When it has reached the stage when your account balance is crying for help as a result of a severe debt, then all we can do is pray for you because you know better than that. See your face like over shopping.

P.S. By the way, currently replaying Dpzle and Rayce- Dutty whine (still so in love with this song!) #jamming

Nikolai Obee

Nikolai Obee

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