Style Star: Nengi Willie-Pepple

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This week’s style star isthe stunning Nengi Willie-Pepple, Nengi’s style can be described as chic & edgy-two things you hardly ever find in one person. It is obvious how much thought goes into an outfit before she donnes it, as her outfits are well put together.  Her style reminds me of Kylie Jenner and Rihanna-bits of both starlets. Do you agree?

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Hair and Make-Up

Okay, so I have a full head of hair and it sits just above my shoulders. Being a black girl, my hair gets kinky as it grows and so it gets difficult to comb, which is why I use a relaxer to soften the roots and voila, I’m pain free whilst combing! I rarely do fancy things to my hair, because I just want to keep it protected so it can grow until I basically look like Rapunze. Lol! However, I get weaves put in from time to time. I usually keep that in for a month and my current favourite style is a full fringe bob, as you will see in some of my pictures.

Make-up is one thing that if I didn’t have to wear, I wouldn’t. I seriously just love my skin to breathe naturally, but as much as we’re told ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’, we all still see the outside first, so you have to look your best. The make-up brand I use daily is called Sonya Skincare Products. They are under a company called Forever Living. For a night out, I add YSL’s touché éclat foundation on top of my Sonya Skincare foundation, in order to achieve a flawless full coverage look. I also go the extra mile and highlight/contour my face with the sleek  contour kit.

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Your favourite place to shop

That would be ZARA or ASOS.  This is because ZARA offers chic and interesting pieces and I can rely on ASOS for almost anything.

 The item you are currently addicted to and that you cannot wait to own

I am not currently addicted to any item as such, but what has been on my wish list for a while now, are the Valentino Rockstud heels and flats.

Your style icons

My style icons are probably Misoslava Duma, Oksana On and Yasmin Sewell. I want their closets!

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 Which celebrity Nigerian/foreign would you swap closets with?

I would swap closets’ with Miroslava Duma if she wasn’t so petite.

What you would wear on the average day?

On an average day, I would wear something that involved a crop top. Either high waist-ed jeans or a skater skirt. Both of those would always be high enough to cover my belly button, so that the midriff on show is just about ‘tasteful’.

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What you would never be caught dead wearing?

Crocs. I would never be caught dead wearing crocs.

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360nobs style applauds Nengi’s style, and we would be absolutely thrilled to raid her closet. What are your thoughts on Nengi’s style? For more on Nengi’s fashion check out her fashion blog

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