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This week’s style star is Brenda Chuinkam. Brenda’s style can easily be described as fun, fearless but very comfortable. She holds no bars back and goes all in when it comes to fashion, Brenda is one of those people whose personalities reflect in their style. She embraces all colours, prints and cuts.

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360nobs Style loves Brenda’s style. Do you?

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Hair and Make-Up

My go-to hairstyle is the bohemian curl crochet braids by Free Tress. I actually have my friend who helps put the braids in and they are so light and easy to maintain. I am all natural underneath the braids and I am not a huge fan of lace closures so I do weaves occasionally.

As for make up, I suck at doing complex applications and strategies so I stick to Mark Kay concealer and powder, MAC face and body foundation, Revlon eyeliner, a little dark brown eyeshadow to fill in my thin brows,bright lipstick and Boom! I’m good to go.

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Your favourite place to shop?

 If I had to pick just 1, I would pick Asos. Then others like H&M, Zara, Virgos Lounge, eBay and Nastygal follow close.

The item you are addicted too?

 I seem to not be able to have enough dresses!! I am definitely a dress and heels kind of girl and when I check out a new website, the first thing I check is their “dress” section.

Your style icons?

My style icons are my fellow bloggers to be honest, I draw inspiration from them. Others include Olivia Palermo, Audrey Hepburn and Solange Knowles.

Which celebrity Nigerian/foreign would you swap closets with?

 I don’t like all her fashion choices but I wouldn’t mind swapping closets with Angela Simmons or even Eku Edewor!Brenda Chuinkam_04__360nobsBrenda Chuinkam_08__360nobs

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What you would wear on the average day?

On the average day, I may be caught in a full midi skirt and a blouse with sandals (when it’s not Winter!) and of course my headphones! They go with every outfit.

What you would never be caught dead wearing?

I don’t like to say “Never” when it comes to fashion but I would most likely not wear a mini dress with combat boots- because I have large calves and the look would not suit me- I need pieces that make my legs look longer and not cut them off at the ankles.

That item you cannot wait to own

I cannot wait to own my very own pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels!  There is God oh!

Currently cost $625.00
Currently cost $625.00

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360nobs Style applauds Brenda’s style. We are particularly thrilled that she embraces Ankara.  If you like Brenda’s style which you should, check out her blog

Keep refreshing 360nobs Style.




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