Style Interview: Ranti Onayemi, Stylist & Celebrity Style Blogger

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Does the name rantiinreview ring a bell? If you own an instagram account and love fashion, it should. 360nobs Style caught up with celebrity style blogger and stylist Ranti Onayemi to quiz her on all the aspects of fashion possible.

She talks about how she gets rid of old clothes, her favourite designers, style icons, most essential items for every woman’s wardrobe and how frequently she shops.



How long have you been in the fashion industry?

I have been in love with fashion as long as I can remember. As a child in Lagos Nigeria, while my peers played with dolls and their toys, I was busy playing with fabrics and browsing through fashion magazines in my aunty’s clothing boutique. I was such a silly kid as I would cut out looks I found to be interesting from the fashion magazines and place them under my pillow hoping they’ll come .

I have been in the retail aspect of fashion for years and currently work for a reputable retail company where I style my clients in all capacities of fashion.

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How would you describe your style?

My style is feminine but not too girly, eclectic, chic, clean, a bit androgynous (save those looks for fall and winter). I like to keep my looks clean and try not to overpower my outfit with loads of accessories.

What is your greatest challenge as a stylist and style blogger?

As a style blogger, though it might be quite easy to react to what my audience loves and responds to, I feel it is very important to stay true to who I am which can be challenging from time to time. I love when my viewers react positively to a look I may have taken a risk on.  I also make sure to go back to my roots and true love.  I have been having a blast toying with more feminine looks lately and especially heels because I’m more of a pair of brogues and loafers type of girl.


Do you have any style icons?

I have many style icons with many different styles.

I love Sara Jessica Parker for her feminine and classic pieces and for never being afraid to take risks in her wardrobe choices while on the red carpet and beyond. She has single handedly been my style inspiration for loving tulle, she made me feel like wearing tulle at any age is ok because of her takes of it on  “Sex and The City” and the red carpets.

I love Rihanna for her fearless looks and confidence in all she showcases. From her constant changes in hair colour to her barely there ensembles; she owns the stage and I’m inspired by that.


Who are your favourite designers?

I love many of the designers out there but my absolute favourites are Saint Laurent Paris for their masculine take on feminine looks, Dior for embodying French chic and more, Marni for their eclectic use of prints and full body yet feminine looks, and Jenny Lyons impact on JCrew; she has single handedly turned the brand into a power house and given the preppy look a whole new identity.

 How do you get rid of old clothes?

I am a luxury goods consigner as one of the many hats I currently take on, so I get rid of my old clothes by selling them via eBay and local second hand shops. Though I love great pieces and I enjoy updating my wardrobe, I have to be careful not to become a hoarder.  So I do recycle my wardrobe quite often to help fund the next new piece.

How often do you shop?

As a style blogger, I am always on the hunt for the next interesting and cool piece, that said,  I shop a fair amount but I also make sure to pause often and take the time to recycle my pieces as the purpose of my blog is to show the many ways to recreate a piece.

What item can you not have enough of?

My favourite fashion items are clutches, I’ve loved them as long as I can remember. I love oversized envelope clutches, patterned pieces and colourful choices. I’m relatively clean with my looks and adding a clutch packed with punch can help elevate my otherwise simple looks. Who does not love great arm candy?


What do you think is the most essential item in every woman’s wardrobe?

There are many wardrobe staples out there but there are a few  key wardrobe essentials I cannot live without and feel all ladies need. That said, an all-white buttoned up shirt, a perfect tee, a “little black dress” or something equivalent; that dress that never fails you.  A pair of nude and a pair of simple yet trend appropriate black heels. A pair of great fit jeans and last but not least a nice fitted blazer are pieces one can work with almost all looks in their wardrobe.

How familiar are you with the African fashion scene?

I am not afraid to say that I am not too familiar with the African fashion scene but I am working on changing that fact. I love African influenced fashion staples such as Ankara.

What are your thoughts on Lupita NyongO ‘s outfit choice to the MET gala?

Lupita Nyongo is slowly becoming one of my style crushes. Each piece I’ve seen on her has wowed me more than the previous piece.  From the magazine covers to the red carpet and more, I’ve loved them all and who wouldn’t?  I mean the lady is stunning, and she takes on bold, colourful, classic and delicious looks that leaves all in awe. But her choice at the met Gala was not one of my favourites. I applaud her for taking a risk as the Met Gala is the proper venue to do so, but I felt she could have made a huge statement with another piece.  I cannot wait to see many more from her as she keeps it fresh and fun.


Lupita Nyong'O at the 2014 MET gala in the month of May
Lupita Nyong’O at the 2014 MET gala in the month of May


How long do you think it takes an individual to find their personal style?

Finding one’s style may vary for each individual. I’ll compare it to finding a life mate; you may have to kiss a few frogs till you find who is perfect for you but in the world of fashion it gets even more fun because as one matures and goes through the different changes in one’s life, so does one’s sense on style. I know what I like but recently, I have toyed with pieces I would have frowned upon just a few years ago. All I’m saying is there is no time frame for developing one’s style; it hopefully comes as one matures.  As we evolve, so does our taste and we should not discourage that growth.


If you could swap closets with a celebrity who would it be?

If I could swap wardrobes with any living celebrity I’ll choose Rihanna. I love that she is fearless and bold in her fashion choices. Though some of her choices are quite risqué, that’s what makes fashion so fun. It can be schizophrenic, one day one may feel elegance is what an occasion calls for, and the next day perhaps one chooses to shock the masses in a sheer crystal number.  She recently was quoted saying “there are rules. And the rules are meant to be broken”. I agree.

What is your dream job?

I am doing my dream job. I truly love to style people, it’s always been a pleasure of mine to help people look and feel their best.  Many people find it challenging, intimidating or overwhelming to put looks together, and find comfort and confidence in their sense of style.  I love uncovering each person’s true sense of style and working with them to build on this sense.

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(This interview was done immediately after the MET gala, but could not be published till now. Also, congratulations to Miss Onayemi on her engagement)

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