Strip Club Offers Carmelo Anthony Free Lap Dances For Life If He Resigns With The Knicks

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The New York Knicks are not the only organization trying to keep Carmelo Anthony in New York.

According to TMZ Sports, Scores New York, one of the top strip clubs in the world, has offered Melo a “Melo Love” package if he re-signs with the Knicks.

The Scores New York “Melo Love” package includes:

— Free lapdances for life.
— Judging the “Dollars For Scholars” amateur pole dancing competition (15,000 scholarship in his name to the winner.)
— A new drink called “The Melo Carmelo” to be served in the club forever.
— His own personal ball girl and cheerleading squad for every Knicks game that would only cheer for Carmelo.
— A topless charity basketball in his honor (in which he could play) … “where holding is not a foul.”

Could Melo be tempted? I would!



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