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Okay before you scream, read this article first.

Most of us were brought up in homes where “sorry” and “thank you” were taught to us right from when we were little kids. It is what we grew up with; it is part of the things that shaped us into the individuals we have become.

However, some situations/people do not even deserve sorry and as much as we might want to be the mature ones, there are some times you really should not be wasting your precious sorries.

Times like these:

-When someone bumps/collides/crashes into you: You certainly are not expected to be sorry for someone else’s rude manners.

-Not agreeing with someone’s opinion about something: As long as it is done respectfully, you do not have to be sorry.

-Being confident: I have come to realize that a lot of people misinterpret confidence for arrogance or rudeness in this country. But that’s their cup of tea, you should not be sorry for knowing who you are and what you stand for.

-Taking a well deserved rest: oh well, why should you be sorry for taking time out to rest?

-The food you worked your ass off to prepare: if your guests don’t like it, then oops!

-when you are such a badass at something: huh? Sorry for what na?

-For shining at something this once: you are not stealing anyone’s thunder, you are just good at this thing and you are damn well going to shine!

-Making your partner try something new for once: you have always done it his own way, now that you are doing it your own way, what you sorry for?




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