Soldiers Set Buses Ablaze In Ikorodu, Lagos [Photos]

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Soldiers have reportedly been on a rampage in Ikorodu after a bus driver crushed a soldier to death. The BRT driver who hit the soldier ran into Palmgrove estate in order to avoid the wrath of other soldiers present. Upon noticing that the driver ran away, the Army men ran into Palmgrove estate and when they couldn’t find the driver, seized one of the Estate’s security men.

Driver They also stopped BRT buses and beat passengers and set some of the buses on fire. Spectators who were trying to take pictures claim to have been beaten by the soldiers as well. According to an eye-witness, two civilians were allegedly beaten up and a guy who was taking pictures was beaten and his phone smashed on the express road.

Then the soldiers allegedly started vandalizing the buses! According to the source, some soldiers left the express and took big sticks from women cooking by the road to break the glasses of the bus. Then one of them took stones and allegedly threw it into the crowd twice. Now the whole express is blocked. See photos below.

BRTLagos5 Lagos4 Lagos3 Lagos2 Lagos1 LagosPhotos courtesy of Linda Ikeji’s Blog




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