Smart, Single & Loves Shoes – A Well Known Name Comes With Baggage

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Continued form here.

I immediately start speaking in tongues!

I close my eyes binding and casting every spirit of hallucination from body.

Lola isn’t disappearing or fading like a misty, smoky apparition. She walked towards me and attempts to knock my head; I immediately stop my five minutes of prayer for divine intervention.

Me: “Lola Akindele Johnson! What in God’s name are you doing here?”

She tries to walk past me into the living room. I immediately block her path, Jide is in there selecting music and making tea! I can’t possibly let my crazy big sis meet him. At least not tonight!

Lola: “Ahahn, is it a crime to come visit my baby sis? I had to let myself in. You weren’t replying your BBM or picking your calls. So I used the spare key you gave me, What would Jesus do?”

I’m listening to her ramble as I nervously bite my nails.

Me: “Oh… oh… I’m sorry I had to work late and… and… there was traffic, the weather was too hot… I mean too cold. There was traffic sha.”

How am I going to get rid of this girl?!    

Lola: “Are you okay? Why are you saying plenty orisirisi? Abeg come and log into your Instagram. Roxanne said she cc’d you some of the worst and best dressed of the BET Awards. I want to see them”.

She pulls out her MacBook Air.

Roxanne? Is she kidding me? When was the BET award? This past Sunday?

What am I saying?


And my psycho sister is here too!

I pace around my room for ten seconds… Why am I so uneasy?

Me: “Lola… I need to tell you something…”

Before I could proceed, a loud knock interrupts me.

Jide: “Cara mia, are you okay? You’ve been gone a while and are you talking to yourself.”

Lola jumps off of my custom made, leather, mid-century style settee with a look of shock and joy on her face! Her mouth is wide open and her eyes are larger than Easter eggs. She immediately flies to the door and swings it wide open.

thrivefurniture leather settee


Oh lord!

Lola: “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! No friggin’ way! You’re a Man!”

Jide smiles, his eyes darting between the both of us with some confusion.

When Lola says, ‘Shut the Front door’ she doesn’t mean it literally. It is an expression like, ‘Oh Wow’ ‘OMG’.

I got the memo.

But obviously Jide didn’t cause he looked confused.

Jide: “Yes I am, I am Jide Babatedo. Nice to meet you.”

Lola opens her mouth even further. They’ve both forgotten about me. I’m just in the background observing.

Lola: “As in, Tade Babatedo’s Son? The oil tycoon? How do you know my baby sister?”




My Mr Tom Ford is a billionaire?!


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