Signs He’ll Exhibit When He Is The One

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he's the one

If you are seeing someone and you are getting to the point where you want to find out if he is the one for you or not, then you might need a little bit of help. This is not because you cannot find out yourself, but because sometimes we need a little help to see clearly, things under our noses. And that is because we might have been overwhelmed with emotions at that point in time.

Some of the things that might help you see that the man you are with is the man for you includes;

-He uses “us” not “me”. When he speaks of the future, he does not use “me” anymore, he now uses “us”, referring to the two of you. Seeing you in his future means something serious and it also means you’re more than just a girlfriend to him. This is a very good sign that he wants more than what is in the moment.

-Your goals and aspirations work together. You might not have the same goals and aspirations and a few things might be different about you two. But if you share half of his dreams and he shares half of yours and both of you can locate each other’s goals and aspirations in each other, then this might mean this is meant to be and something strong is in this.

-He is proud of you. He takes you everywhere, introduces you to all of his favorite people and never stops talking about you to them. Some of them even know you before they see you and they tell you things like they have been waiting to meet you. A man who is in love and who wants something concrete is the one likely to do this for you. If you don’t mean anything to him, he won’t waste his time showing you off to his friends and taking you everywhere.

-He spends a lot of time with you. His timetable has you in it and you are the only thing he does asides making money. When you mean the world to a man and he sees you as someone more than a mere girlfriend, then he would dedicate a lot of time to you and spend every second that he can get with you.

-You trust him. If you feel you can trust him with your everything and you are hundred percent convinced that with this person, things can never go awry, then he is the one. If you trust him that whatever happens between you two he would be there for you and no matter how bad things get, he would be there to hold your hands, then he is the one.

-When the whole IGG goes away, he would still be there. When the Initial Gra Gra fades, you know deep inside of you that this man will still be the one for you. Passion will go away and the way your heart beats like Don Jazzy has taken his place in there, will go away at some point and all you will be left with is this man and his ugly self and you and your ugly self. If you still see him as the man you would love then and whose ugliness won’t scare you away, then he is the one.


There are more and more ways to know if a man is the one for you and so this list might not even be sufficient. The best way to know if a man is for you is by listening carefully to what your heart says about him. Your heart wont lie to you. Except you do not listen to it.



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