Signs He Wants You Back

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When relationships end, it breaks us, kills us, makes us not want to get out of bed in the morning and eat till we become as fat as a whale.

But what if we got a second chance? What if for some reason, our ex realizes leaving us was one of the worst mistakes he has ever made and now he wants us back!

There are ways to find out, and it could be any of these ways:


  • He calls more often than he used to: now he is calling to ask after everything and everyone around you just like he did yesterday, the day before and the day before and the day before. He just keeps calling more often.
  • The calls have become longer: Before now, the calls were just for a total of 60 seconds. Now the phone conversations actually stretch longer than a minute and he seems to want to talk about everything and anything, from the little traffic you were in on your way to work or what you ate for lunch or what hair you are wearing at the moment.
  • He reminds you of the nice times you had together: what your honeymoon phase was like when y’all were together, how you laughed so hard at his jokes, where you both first kissed and every interesting moment you both spent together. He certainly can’t be doing this because he just wants to talk, there has to be something he is aiming at and that thing might be to have you back as his.
  • He actually makes an effort to change: When there is a break up, it is usually because one or both parties are doing things the other person is not comfortable with. If your ex seems to have made an effort to change since you both called it quits, then he might be aiming at a chance for you both to be together again.
  • He says the words: what screams I want you back more than all the listed points, is when he actually tells you. Those can’t be wrong.


If you are still very much in love with your ex and you believe deep down that he has changed and you both can work things out, then if he exhibits more than half of these signs, you should certainly go for it.




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