Seven Different Places You Should Have Sex Before You Die

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Sex with the special one is usually amazing, great and the best feeling in the whole wide world. But even that type of sex can get boring. Sex should be spiced up to keep the spark going, at least that is what every sex expert I have come across their works seem to think.

So let’s go through the different exciting places you should totally have sex ASAP

Under the shower

Get wild n wet under the shower. Sex under the shower might sound very random but it is exciting and fun. The best style under the shower is usually the doggy style, as it helps for easy penetration and stability while the water keeps pouring.

Under the rain

I have tried this before and I can say for a fact that it is the most amazing form of outdoor sex. Make it rain while it rains! Okay… that sounded cool in my head. LOL. What makes this type of sex exciting is that you are outside, probably where anyone can pass and see you. It makes you feel like teenagers trying to escape being seen for committing what is an exciting offence. Trust me, it is exhilarating.

At a public event

Oh no, I do not mean having sex with everyone watching. I mean finding a quiet place away from all the buzz and noise at the event, then getting down with your partner. What makes this hot is the fact that you return some minutes later and nobody knows what you have been up to. Its crazy fun.

On a plane

While flying high in the clouds, you can make each other high on each other by taking yourselves on a very orgasmic ride… okay, maybe it sounds cheesy but seriously, don’t you think sex on a plane would be exciting? Having to do a quickie while flying high in the skies with the one person you love? It would be fun! If you do not get sick while on a plane like me.

On the beach

Getting down on the beach can be amazing, just lay a towel on the ground so you don’t have wet sand joining in on the fun and entering your most private business. And if you cannot be less bothered about towels, do the good old doggie style, grab a tree or whatever and get down with it!

Someone else’s house

Tell your partner to follow you to the toilet so the others won’t ask where you are headed and then grab him or her while you have the hottest sex of your life. The great thing about this type of sex is you are not likely going to want your hosts to know what you are doing, so you would have to really keep it quiet while you enjoy the deed. It is sure to give you a great feeling!

The hotel

If you have had to sleep overnight or stay at the hotel for a reason or the other in the past with your partner, you would agree that hotel sex is amazing. Oh it is. You do not have to worry about messing up the room or cleaning it up after it has been duly messed up by you both. Everything is perfect here, the sheets have been laid and are fresh, the room is beautiful and sparkly, everything  is in place while you make love. It is amazing!

The really cool thing about this type of sex is that, you do not have to actually lodge in this hotel to have sex there. You can just pay for a few hours, do it and then get out. That is the only thing more amazing than doing it in the hotel for days straight.




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