See Artist Clive Cooper’s Amazing Carvings With Watermelons [PHOTOS]

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While to most of us, a watermelon is just another juicy fruit, to artist Clive Cooper, it’s a lot more.

Clive Cooper is primarily a pumpkin carver, but has tried his hand at watermelon carving.

Check out some of his amazing works below.

gremlin-1-744x567 samurai-wm1-fx-744x964 sun-damage-1-640x480 Clive-Cooper-Watermelon-carvings-11-600x590 Clive-Cooper-Watermelon-carvings-10-600x799 Clive-Cooper-Watermelon-carvings-7-600x757 Clive-Cooper-Watermelon-carvings-6-600x450 Clive-Cooper-Watermelon-carvings-5-600x450 Clive-Cooper-Watermelon-carvings-4-600x774 Clive-Cooper-Watermelon-carvings-2-600x6671 baboob-watermelon-carving-by-clive-cooper-via-sparksflydesign1 Clive-Cooper-Watermelon-carvings-1-600x4352



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