Secret Revealed! What Your Man Says Behind Your Back

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If we could find out what men say behind us to their friends, we would be very excited. That is because as much as women are said to be the talking bunch, men also talk a lot to their friends. I have many male friends, and I know this for a fact. I have been around guys and I have heard them speak and I know they actually tend to gossip more than we do.

Here is a list of what men (are likely to) discuss with their pals when you are not there.

-What he has done with you. Men talk and so they are likely to discuss if they have hit that or not. Now what sets a man apart from a boy is when he goes into details and gives in the full information. When a man has touched you, and his friends ask, he does not have to say much for them to know what has gone down. Either ways, they would know and the message would have been passed across.

-What he wants to do with you. When he finds you very attractive and wants to do things with you, then he is most likely going to tell his friends. Thing is, when they find out he really likes you then they know he wants to do things with you. Because when a man loves you, he wants to do you too. They go hand in hand.

-What he likes about you. When a man is smitten, then he would talk. He would discuss with his close pals what he likes about you, how he feels about you and the things you do that keeps drawing him closer. It is how his friends would know a new person has captured their friend’s heart.

-What he doesn’t like about you. The same way he gushes about everything concerning you is the way he would talk about the things he wishes he could change about you. This does not mean he does not like you or that they would have a laugh about your bad sides, it only means he cares enough to talk to his friends about things he wishes you would change. And good friends would suggest things that he can do to make you change.

-How y’all got together. Just like your girls would like to know the juicy details, his buds would love to know how you both got together and who toasted who and how you fell in love and because men talk when excited, he would give them the details.

-That he is in love with you. If you make him feel like he is the King of the world, then he would share all that detail with his guys.

-When you are so damn good at what you do. If you are such a badass at what you do, then he would share that with his friends because would be so proud of his girl.


Not all men talk but they are likely to share things about you with their friends when they are smitten by you. So no matter how gentle they are, they would slip out a word or two about you if you are so important to them.



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