Running of the Bulls 2014: Police In Search Of Man Who Took Selfie During The Festival

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Police in the Spanish city of Pamplona are looking for a man who took a selfie while particpating in the annual Running of the Bulls on Friday. The man could soon find himself facing a fine of $4,100 (€3,000). Authorities passed a law earlier this year stating that taking photos or filming during the Running of the Bulls could put people’s lives at risk, and that anyone who does so would be fined.

The nine-day San Fermin festival prominently features a Running of the Bulls on each day, followed by bullfights. The event is notoriously dangerous. On Sunday, four people were injured during the Running of the Bulls, while on Wednesday, an American expert on the event was gored. Bill Hillmann, the 32-year-old co-author of the book Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona, barely lived up the title of his work. His wound has been estimated at around 15-20 centimeters in size.

“It has been a ‘sh**ty fiesta’ thus far”, Hillman said after being hospitalized. The Chicago native has been running with the bulls for about a decade. Even after his injury, Hillman described being gored as “just part of the run,” and said that all the great runners had experienced it at some point. Hillman’s co-author, Alexander Fiske-Harrison, said that the wound was clean in the sense that the bull did not hit a bone or an artery. Fiske-Harrison characterized it as an “honorable wound.”








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