Rose Petals and Magical Words

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Just Imagine you got home from work tired and grumpy because before you left for work, your girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend had pissed you off. Then you got to work and your boss decided to be a bigger pain in the ass. In short, it was a really bad day and you just wanted to be alone, drink three or more shots of vodka, sulk alone. You stepped into the bedroom and you found lit candles everywhere, rose petals on the bed, chocolate cake in a plate with two forks in it it, two flutes, a bottle of red wine and a note. You picked up the note and it’s sprayed with the perfume you like most on your woman. You opened it and it read thus:


I will write you a love letter using my blood as ink. If that’s what you want, I will go to the space and pluck the stars for you…


Tell me it will all matter at the end; my little sacrifices won’t go away in vain. If it’s all you wish, I will bring a slice of the sun for you…


I will sing of how beautiful you make me feel. I will climb the highest mountain and scream it from there. If it’s all you desire, tell me. I’ll do it…


‘Cos I found something in your eyes that makes me want to loose my head. I can stare at them all day and the feeling will still be the same…


I found something in your voice that makes my heart melt. It’s the best music I’ve ever heard; one that ignites fiery fire of passion within me…


When you are not near, nothing ever feels right. I can take on the world with you by my side. Yes, you make me feel that good


With you, everything is beautiful. Even the drone of your heartbeat is like music to my ears. When you’re not here, the world takes on a gloomy shade


It’s a wonderful feeling to have you in my heart everywhere I go; a feeling I wish never to go away. So, tell me what to do. I’m ready to be your best and more.


You don’t deserve love but who does? I love your imperfection; that’s what makes you perfect for me. I want you and your flaws


If you don’t believe in anything, believe in you, believe in me, believe in us. Believe in the fact that the beauty of this is in understanding and sacrificing


Love is a decision to stick up with an imperfect person. Against my better judgement, I chose to stay. I love you; love you enough for both of us.


Just tell me how your anger won’t just dissipate. I love “love letters” and all those romantic stuff that people of the old used to do. It’s what makes every moment together and apart count (*sigh* I’m a sad romantic, I know). Words are beautiful, use the right ones to make your partner’s heart swell with love. Action speaks louder than voice, I know but no action can paint a better picture like our words will. Use words and use them generously


Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

A passionate reader, a photographer of thoughts and an ardent book collector. A nerd in love with the world built by words...

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