Pistorius Trial: New Witness Brings New Twist To Case

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Though the state believes Pistorius killed Steenkamp during a heated argument on St Valentine’s Day last year, Pistorius still maintains he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder.

However a new discovery sheds more light into the case.

A new witness Peet van Zyl was testifying today in the Pretoria High Court, where Pistorius is on trial for murdering Steenkamp.

Van Zyl was called to testify after acoustic engineer Ivan Lin had completed his testimony yesterday.

Lin told prosecutor Gerrie Nel that he had not used certain standard tests to determine whether state witnesses were correct in saying that they heard a man and a woman arguing moments before the murder, because he didn’t think those tests were applicable to the scenario.

Van Zyl, responding to defence lawyer Barry Roux’s questions, described several occasions on which he witnessed the athlete’s aggressiveness and security “vigilance”.

“Once we travelled to the airport . It was at high speed. I asked him why and he said it was ‘out of fear for my safety. I was hijacked in 2007’. He was afraid of being followed . of something possibly happening.

“The next was in New York. We were on the streets . there was a loud bang; I wanted to investigate … instead he grabbed my arm . it was unusual, not something I would expect.

“At restaurants he always faced the entrance, watching who was entering. Abroad he always kept his hotel door locked and chained . He was hyper-vigilant.”

Van Zyl said he sawPistorius lose his temper on two occasions: once in Barcelona, where a “cameraman” accused him of being a “cheat”, and in a BBC interview in London ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games, when asked if he thought he was an embarrassment to his country.

The questions related to Pistorius competing against able-bodied athletes and the purported advantage his blades gave him.

Nel took Van Zyl to task about why he told the court of only the two occasions on which Pistorius lost his temper “and not about what happened behind the scenes at the 2012 Olympic Games”.

“What about when his roommate asked to be moved?

“Do you know it was over Pistorius losing his temper with people over the telephone? Shouting for hours?”

Van Zyl said he had not been in London at the time and although he had heard of the incident through Pistorius’s coach, it had been dealt with by team management.

Nel demanded that Van Zyl tell the court about Pistorius’s spat with Brazilian Paralympian Alan Oliveira, whom he accused of cheating after he beat Pistorius in the Olympics.

“Other athletes, some single amputees, had written to Pistorius complaining about how that athlete [Oliveira] was allegedly using different blades in different races.

Van Zyl described the relationship of Pistorius and Steenkamp as “kind, caring and loving”. He said shortly before the shooting he was arranging airtickets for her to travel to the UK and Brazil with Pistorius.


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