Photos: Twerkathon and More at One Mic Naija Music and Football

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It was Kel that promised to twerk before the event but it was Lil Miss Miss that did the twerking, and even got members of the audience to twerk as she premiered her new single, “Gidi girl twerk” for the very first time at the just concluded One Mic Naija concert.

It was fun, it was crazy, it made music come alive; it was #OneMicNaijaMusicAndFootball.

The concert held at Ember Creek on Sunday June 29th and guests began trooping in from 5pm when the event was billed to start. The band kicked things off at 5.3pm with jazz while guests watched the game (Netherlands .v. Mexico). Once the game ended, Kunle Bello, regular event host, kicked things off officially by introducing the One Mic Naija band who performed a medley of current trending tracks that had guests dancing and singing along. People took selfies, networked and browsed free courtesy Oxygen Broadband’s hotspot.

First to get on stage was AbOriginal Music’s Boogey and he grabbed the audience’s attention with a performance featuring Aduke. He then brought label mate, Ese Peters on stage for his own cover of the latter’s hugely successful single, “Omote”. But, it wasn’t love as Boogey reminded us that it was over two months and the missing Chibok Girls had still not been rescued.

Lil Miss Miss is a fireball and she proved that by working the stage and the audience. She kicked things off with new single, “Gidi girl twerk” and got people twerking. The crowd (especially the male members of the audience) sure sat up for that performance.

Street King, Lace was up next with his new song featuring Knighthouse General, Phenom, “Turn by Turn”. He wrapped his crazy set up with “Change my Story” which had the crowd singing, and praying along.

Kel joined Kunle KB Bello and they hosted the audience freestyle, one of the most popular aspects of the bi-monthly concert series. The brave guys and girl from the audience who wanted to give things a shot got on stage and in thirty seconds, showed the crowd what they had… or didn’t have. Via cheers and applause, the audience picked their winner and the show went on!

Phenom performed his own set with his fan club screaming all the time. Boj won new fans with his chilled but powerful performance, especially when he brought the hottie and fellow DRB member, Teezee on stage to perform as well. Speaking of fan club, Kel sure had hers as when she was about to introduce Cynthia Morgan, a section of the audience cheered on for close to five minutes, yelling, “We love you Kel” and “Waa wa alright”. She was finally able to introduce Cynthia Morgan who was ready for business.

Dressed in a camo-jumpsuit, plus a gold plated neck piece with ‘B * T C H’ boldly written on it, Cynthia held the audience spell bound for fifteen minutes as she performed newest single, “I’m taken”, some other songs, and then the crowd favourite, “Don’t break my heart”.

It would have been hard to top that if the last performer on the night had not been Jesse Jagz but how better to wrap things up than with the the greatest?

Jesse had his own band and they got on stage, welcoming the star who was rocking some seriously long dreds. He brought several of his songs to life and gave what a lot of people now term, “The Shrine Experience”.

It was a well attended event, and this edition was proudly supported by 360 Nobs, AbOriginal Productions, Pulse Nigeria, Too Xclusive, Top Radio 90.9 and YSG Hubs.

One Mic Naija holds bi-montly and the next edition will be in August. In the meantime, check out pictures from the Music and Football edition.

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