No Be Me And You: 6 Shaktar Donesk Players Refuse To Return To Ukraine

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Ukraine is on the brink of war, and some players of Shaktar Donesk have used the opportunity of a friendly match in France to escape the country.

The players missed their flight back and are currently AWOL in France, reports Canal+.

Five of the six players have been named and all of them are of South American nationality.

The French network are reporting that the players are refusing to return to the Ukraine because of the political turmoil in the country, of which Donetsk is heavily involved.

The five players who have been named are Brazilian’s Douglas Costa, Fred, Dentinho, Alex Teixiera and Argentinian Facundo Ferreyra.

All of the players were bought in multi-million pound transfer deals and are widely knows as the team’s biggest stars.

Costa has been a part of five title wins at Shakhtar despite only being 23-years-old, while Teixiera has won four championships with the club.

All of the players are expected to be allowed to leave the club, but none will attract English interest due to work permit issues.




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