Nigerian Bussinessmen in Ghana Allege They are Being Treated Unfairly

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Nigerians bussinessmen in Ghana have pleaded with the Federal Government to step in and do something about the attempt by the Ghanaian authorities to expel them from Ghana.

In the Kumasi area of Ghana alone where over 200 businesses operate was reportedly shut down on Monday, shut down by Ghanaian authorities. It is said that the businesses deal in auto parts.

Speaking to Vanguard, the businessmen said the Ghanaian police descended on them in the early hours of Monday and locked up their shops.

They stated that it was due to their inability to meet the regulatory requirement for running a business in the country as foreigners.

The Ghanaian authorities require foreigners to have at least $300,000 (N48m) as capital and also employment of Ghanaians as a prerequisite for running a business in the country.

From Kwara State, Mohammed Nasir related that their businesses were small scale and as such can’t meet such conditions.

Ikechukwu Umeh another bussinessman stated that Nigerian businessmen are required to supply goods to Ghanaians and allow them a period of three months to pay their debts.

He noted that this was near impossible for the reason that Ghanaians constantly failed to pay up, even owing for up to three years.




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