Meek Mill To Remain In Jail Till September

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Rapper Meek Mill will spend his summer in jail on a probation violation charge.

A judge recently denied requests by Meek’s lawyers that petitioned for the rapper to be released early. Meek has been in jail since July 11, after it was determined that the Amen rapper violated the terms of his probation stemming from a gun conviction from 2009.

The judge on the case also turned down a request for an emergency hearing that Meek’s lawyers motioned for in another attempt to have him released ahead of the initial three to six month sentence.

“All I’m asking for is a hearing to learn why [his jailing] is constitutional and they won’t even give me that,” said Meek’s lawyer Christopher Warren. “The last thing I want to do is go running to another judge to tell another judge what to do. But we have no choice.”

Meek’s next option is to appeal his sentence to a higher level judge in hopes that the original judge’s decision will be overturned



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