Lamentations Of An Ugly Girl – Episode 11 (#LOAUG)

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“Kome, meet my friend Tolani, Tolani, Kome” Viv said as I exchanged pleasantries with Kome. “Nice finally meeting you, can’t wait to meet the others too” she said. “What others” I thought to myself before I ran off to catch up with a class-rep who was already signalling me to come over.

Liz that miss boss



Madam Tola suave


Arethey pursuing u nii

Liz that miss boss

Na u knw ooo

Have u seen that Viv’s new friend?

Madam Tola suave

Which one ooo?

I dunno all her people o

Liz that miss boss

The chocolate skinned one

Kome abi sometin Edo lyk that

Madam Tola suave

Oh that one

I know her

Viv introduced us

Lyk seven hours ago


Liz that miss boss

See who does not like aproko ooo



Go figure (tongue out)

Madam Tola suave

Oya talk nah


Liz that miss boss


U hear say the babe transfer from one poly lyk that

Buh rumour has it that her result was not that good

I hear she is sorta related to the DSA that’s why she enter here oo

Madam Tola suave

Ehn ehn

Abi oo

Liz that miss boss

Na so e be oo


Madam Tola suave

So how exactly did that add value to me now?

Liz that miss boss

No knowledge is a waste my dear




Immediately, I side-pinged Viv to ask about her new friend rather our new friend. Viv seemed a lot cool with her and was thinking of inviting her to the BBM group (Lines; we had kuku made the clique official since the awards show). I told her to cool it and wait till she was sure that it was okay by everybody when she was sure that it was okay with everyone, she told me we could all hang-out the next day so as to decide if she was cool for the clique (walahi, I’m feeling like Etisalat writing this).

P.S: I am a writer although I might not be able to tell my story adeptly but I can do that completely and truthfully.



MEET T-LINES for the past 13weeks or more you have been reading the escapades and sexcapades of Tolani Gbadamosi popularly known as Lines. Somehow, someway, somewhere in your hearts resonante some sort of emotion albeit love hate, pity and even happiness and i am glad that you have taken this series very seriously and read religiously week in and week out. Now is the time y’all finally meet me. I am Gbadamosi Tolani, a character created by writer Oluwabi Mobolaji,who is a reader’s writer and a writer’s reader and yes I am a guy….. scratch that I am a man before you start with your after thoughts. Surprised ehn. Catch me as I blog irregularly on .follow me on twitter @embijay and keep with the hashtag #loaug while you enjoy the rest of your favorite series. Ciao


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