Judge Gives Approval For Sale Of Los Angeles Clippers

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A judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Micheal Levanas has okayed the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers from Rochelle Sterling to Michael Ballmer, despite Donald Sterling‘s objections.

The judge added that Donald Sterling’s testimony was ‘often evasive and inconsistent’ and ruled that the sale of the Clippers to Ballmer could go ahead even if the co-owner appeals.

‘She had every good reason to believe that Donald agreed to the sale of the team,’ Levanas said. Donald Sterling’s attorney has confirmed his client plans to challenge the ruling, but law experts told the Reuters news agency that any appeal is unlikely to derail the sale of the Clippers to Ballmer.

Shelly Sterling had asked the judge to confirm her status as the trustee of the family trust that owns the Clippers. In May, she acted to remove Donald Sterling from the role when neurologists said that the 80-year-old had early Alzheimer’s disease and was unable to handle business affairs.

Donald Sterling wanted to block the sale because he said that his wife had improperly removed him as a trustee of the family trust.

Shelly Sterling said after the ruling: “Either way we’d win. I am just doing what I had to do.” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said that the league was ‘looking forward to the transaction closing as soon as possible.’

Ballmer’s attorney, Adam Streisand, said that his client was ‘very excited… about bringing dignity back to the Clippers.’



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