Joan Rivers Insults President Obama & His Wife [Video]

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Joan Rivers is well known for her sharp tongue but no one thought she will go on a seemingly unprovoked attack on the first family and on national TV nonetheless. A  journalist caught up with the 81 year old Fashion Police host to ask her a couple of questions;

Interviewer: And do you think that the country will see the first—the United States will see the first—gay president or the first woman president?

Joan Rivers: Well, we already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.

Interviewer: Got it.

Joan Rivers: You know Michelle is a tranny.

Interviewer: “I’m sorry—she’s a what?”

Joan Rivers: A transgender. We all know.

The Transgender activists are of course mad at Rivers for what they refer to as an “insensitive” comment saying “These types of jokes are designed to suggest that being a trans is something to be ashamed of’”.

Watch the video below:


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