#JadaPose – 16-Year-Old’s Rape Video Goes Viral On The Internet

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This is no joke but it seems the jerks in the world has taken it for a joke..

The recorded rape of a Houston area teen has gone viral on social media, sparking its own mocking hashtag(#jadapose) on Twitter and the rape victim who identified herself as Jada has decided not to stay quiet any more.

Jada says the sexual assault occurred at the house of a classmate. Jada says she showed up to a party and accepted a drink she did not make herself. She unfortunately drank the cup handed to her which she believes now was mixed with drugs. She says things got fuzzy after that.

Jada didn’t know she had been raped until she started seeing pictures and videos of her own sexual assault on her social media feed. The worry now isn’t even the pics and videos that have spread like wife fire, its the people imitating jada, people tweeting photos of themselves played out like Jada was in the video along with the hashtag #jadapose.

Jada’s alleged rapist Innel Yahia even tried to defend himself through a series of since tweets which he has since deleted but the tweets prove his guilt if anything. see them below.


Houston Police are investigating Jada’s claims, and the 16-year-old hopes that they will make an arrest soon.

When asked how she felt about the series of distressing events that no one should ever have to go through, Jada said: “I’m just angry.” see the photos below.. Some went to the extent of making a dance video for her.. see that after the photos






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  1. Horrible. Then look at these ratchet ghetto street filth making fun of a girl’s rape. I remember that there was a video posted on a facebook page called “exposing these hoes”. There was a girl being raped in the video. She was obviously too young for the much older man, and she was crying. Instead of being concerned for the girl, who was obviously underaged, and being held and crying, people laughed(ghetto shits) saying “haha, she couldn’t take the dick”….

    Ghetto people are limb that needs amputation from our american culture.

  2. Jesus christ have mercy,what is this world turning into?
    Who do you think you are? taking advantage of a girl you claim to be your friend and later on posting your evil acts! i hope you get caught and dealt with by the law and God too.
    Our children are just not safe out there anymore.its Sad you have to go through all these Willow,Jesus christ help her heal..

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