Indian Teen Girl Gang Raped, Murdered And Dumped On School Steps

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A teenage Indian  girl has been gang raped in school which adds to the sex attacks that’s becoming rampant in India. The girl was attacked and then murdered in a government middle school in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Police said her body was found outside the school premises in the village of Bal Singh Khera, just 10 miles from a village former American President Bill Clinton visited yesterday to promote the work of his Clinton Foundation.

Pictures show blood and shredded pieces of clothes splattered across the school, which has been shutdown while investigations take place.

Local police Superintendent Soumitra Yadav said: ‘The exact cause of death can be established only after the postmortem report arrives but according to our preliminary investigation, this is a being perceived as a case of gang rape.’

Meanwhile, another 6-year-old who was allegedly targeted by a security guard and a gym teacher at an upmarket school in India’s southern city of Bangalore has also been molested.

The girl’s parents, from the eastern state of Odisha, only discovered what happened a few days ago after their daughter complained of a stomach ache and was taken to hospital. Two men have been arrested in connection with the attack that happened on the school campus during class hours.

Teenage Girl Gang-Raped And Murdered In Indian Village

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