Ifunanya’s Piece of Mind: Davido, What’s Your Own?

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Okay, now I have always told you guys that I’m a firm believer that if you don’t have anything good to say, DON’T SAY ANYTHING at all! (But I’m Nigerian so that’s easier said than done) But just for today, I’m going to break that rule.


I’m highly annoyed!… you want to know why? Because of this tweet I’m seeing around where Davido allegedly was talking about Wiz Kid.



If Davido was actually talking about Wiz Kid:


Davido, What’s your own concern if Wiz Kid didn’t bring any of his friends? (Hmmmm?) You still getting your money, Right? Your fans love and adore your music, right? Save the beefing for Tupac and Biggie! I hate seeing sh*t like this when an artist feels the need to be ranting on social networks about an issue thatA) is petty and B) has nothing to do with their money or music.


As we all know, Davido recently did a concert in New York. It was one of the most highly anticipated concerts of the year in the States. Babes went out to buy Brazilian hair, shoe and bag. The guys worked hard for months to able to buy bottles for VIP and buy Gucci belt. (lol) Davido’s concert was the talk of the town but unfortunately the concert was a catastrophe! Davido posted a video later saying the reason for the bad concert was due to the promoters and poor management .. but at the end of the day it wasn’t a successful concert. So an artist that had his “Day 1 N*ggas” follow him to his concert, turned out horrible and yet he wants to be beefing with Wiz Kid for coming to New York by himself. Davido, put that energy into your music and save those Twitter rants! All I have to say is: He that performs a better concert, should cast the first stone!  Davido stick to making your music and making your money and less on beefing, it doesn’t suit you. (Keeping it, Real!) You are better than that!


I have said my piece!


Wiz Kid is performing this Saturday in New York, so I will be sure to give you guys the 411 on how it all went.

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

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  1. Ifunanya or whatever they call u,u are a fool,I mean a big fool,I call u a fool bcos u re a fool,what’s ur business why is it that is only @lifeofdavido u pple always talk about,and if u don’t knw lemme tell u the davido’s concert was shut down cos it was overcrowded,he’s got a lot of fans,nt like wizkid that performed to empty seat in abuja…..so get some brain up-there and stop posting rubbish,less u forget him(davido)is gonna bag some awards at the afrimma dis nyt beating ur so-called pussy(wizkid) watch-out 4 dat FOOL.

  2. biggest rubbish iEver read from 360 …360 ogas should nt dose off o, so people like Ifunanya won’t sneak to thr computers when they are asleep and paste rubbish like dis 1 …bcos iWanna assume they didn’t and has nt seen this trash ^ thr

  3. Wannabe! Must everybody be a blogger suffocating us with baggage and rubbish pls go to ur village and join famers than writing bulshit, davido is 21 livining his dream despite that his dad is wealthy still he hustle to make his own money, and u are here running mouth like I pass my neighbour generator, kpomo

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