I Hate it When Guys Touch my Bum… Cynthia Morgan Spills Deep Stuffs in a Quickie with @superseankc

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In this “edition” of QUICKIE, my partner is no other than one of Edo state’s finest Diva, Cynthia Morgan.  I caught up with the grown and sexy singer recently and decided to have a pretty wild  “QUICKIE” with her.  ENOUGH SAID!!! ENJOY!!!!


How Did Cynthia Morgan move from being a “Tom-Boy” to a hot super-sexy DIVA?

{Laughs}….well, always had the whole girlie thingy in me, but I hung out more with guys while growing up, so it influenced me a lot from my dress-sense to my music style, but now I decided to bring back my sexiness and show people how “hot” I can be. I’m a cool girl though?

Which international celeb would you so love to date?

Hmmm… it would be Chris Brown…{laughs louder} yea,I do love Chris Brown a whole lot, I have been a fan since I was sixteen, and so whatever he does, just appeals to me.

What part of your body will a guy touch and it will piss you off?

That will be my face and then my “bum”. When a guy I don’t know touches my “bum” that can drive me nuts. It irritates me.

The craziest thing you have ever done?

{thinks for a while}…. Ok, so why growing up, my grandma and grandpa loved going to church with me a lot, so whenever it was church time, I would secretly go and reset the wall-clock, pushing it back an hour. That was crazy, but it sure got me some play time.

If you had a million dollars, what’s the first thing you will do?

I will go to church, buy my mum a mansion and then pour the money back into my career.

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