How To Re-Rock Your Favourite Clothing Items Without Getting Caught

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A couple of days ago I was trying to pick out an outfit for an event I am to attend this weekend,  after emptying my entire closet I settled for a black dress I love dearly which I have worn a couple of times, okay more than a couple 😀

Fast forward to thirty minutes later, my friends come over, and I tell them I intend to wear my beloved LBD(little black dress) and they literally go hysterical. I honestly did not know it was such a terrible thing to wear the same dress more than twice. I mean, I am not a celebrity so why should I have to show up with a different outfit at every event.

Anywho, I ended up buying something new for this weekend.

During my conversation with my friends, I realised that for some people it is a taboo to repeat clothing even if it is daily wears.

So, to people like me out there who do not have trust funds, black cards, or tabs in the fanciest boutiques, Here are tips on how to re-rock a regular piece of clothing. E.g a  jacket

1)Go with  a theme: It could be a sporty look, something suitable for launch or a co-operate look. Just make sure you have an occasion in mind while putting your outfit together, and the best part is here in Nigeria nobody ever really dresses for the occasion, you can hereby switch looks.

2)If you dressed that particular piece of clothing up the first time, dress it down this time: If the first time you wore that particular piece of clothing it was the best part of the outfit i.e you dressed it up. This time take a different route by dressing it down

3)Add print to your outfit: This way the attention is quickly shifted from your jacket to the printed clothing item

4)Get Statement Shoes/ Jewellery: Accessorising or wearing killer shoes is also a great way to shift attention.

5)Have a Toke Makinwa moment with your hair & make-up: We know how queen Toke Makinwa always has fabulous hair and flawless make-up, if this isn’t something you usually do you should totally try it when you are re-rocking your outfit. This way your hair and make-up draws attention from your clothes.

6)Go with a monochrome look: When most people hear monochrome they immediately think black & white, which is correct but it is also a monochrome outfit/look when an individual’s outfit is centred around a particular colour/is one colour. This could be very very tricky but it is the best way to re-rock a clothing item without people knowing.

7) Recycling & Hoarding

Recycling in this case simply means turning a clothing item to another clothing item. For instance, a dress into a skirt. I do this with a lot of my dresses.

Hoarding in this case means after wearing that item in April you don’t bring it out of your closet again till October. I could not find a better word hence, I chose hoarding

Do you have any tips on how to re-rock old clothes? How many times do you think you should wear a particular clothing item before you abandon it?

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