How To Make Him Fall For You

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The year is halfway through and some of us are still as single as before and even though we are not desperate, we would not mind having that special someone in our lives, taking care of us and becoming a constant in our lives.

If we had a way to change our single statuses we would, and that is why I am giving the following suggestions on how to make a man fall for you.

Stay Pretty

The best way to make a man notice you at first, is to be pretty. Get your hair done, your pedicure, your manicure, your facials, whatever it takes to be pretty, get it done. Do not overdo it though. A man loves to see his woman looking all beautiful and dolled up when the occasion calls for it, so put effort into looking beautiful and you will start lingering on his mind more than before.

Be pretty on the inside too

My friend, Dammy will always say, that when a woman is pretty on the outside, she can GET a man but when she is pretty on the inside, she can OWN a man. And he is very correct, when you get a man to look your way because you are prettier than Beyonce and hotter than Kim Kardashian, then to make him fall in love with you, you had better be as smart as Chimamanda. No man wants to be with a woman who is intellectually empty, none. I bet not even the dumb men want that.

Be you

I have seen girls who are fake and who spin lies around themselves and never tell their true identity because of some reason or the other. I don’t judge these people and I do not blame them for being the people they have chosen to be. But to make a man fall in love with you for real? You cannot afford to be one of these people. You have to be real, to be honest and be truthful. Nobody wants to be with a liar and have something serious with them, a man would love to know that his woman is hundred percent truthful to him and does not have a questionable character, so the moment he sees you are not honest, the moment he begins to see you as just a good lay and nothing more.

Let him talk too

Women love to talk. They love to talk about anything and everything and they always want their men to listen. This is not a bad thing, but when you are getting a man to fall in love with you, then you must let him talk too and sometimes learn to do the listening. You are not the only one who has things to share, this man has a life too and he has things happening around him that he might want to talk about once in a while. Let him know you have a listening ear and you would love to hear him share his own issues too.

Be nice

Playing hard to get is very secondary school and if you are out of secondary school, then that attitude should stay there. When you like a man and you are an adult, then I really do not see why you should be uptight and rude under the guise of being hard to get or not wanting to be easy. Don’t snap, don’t be rude, don’t give him curt replies and don’t make him feel unwanted. Remember you are trying to make this person fall in love with you and you have to show him your really nice side.

And also have a great attitude

Don’t just be nice at the beginning before you chase him away, be nice all through and not just to him but to his friends, his family and his colleagues. If your attitude to him is great and it is the direct opposite to his friends and family, then he would see through you and really would not want to stay. And remember you are trying to make him stay not trying to chase him away.


Let him know you are feeling the whole of him and you want all of him. Laugh at his jokes, smile every time, don’t be afraid to do a little touching of the hands or shoulder. When he knows how you are feeling, then he would know you are interested and he has to make you stay on his mind.


All of these things only truly work if the guy is interested in commitment. If he is not, then there would not be the need for you to try any of the things listed above. So how about you find out if he is interested in falling in love with anyone first?



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