How to Live While Waiting for The One to Live for

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If you are the type of woman whose goals include finding a (rich) man, spending all his money and living the rest of your life without doing anything save what you are doing now, then this article is NOT for you.


If you are a woman who wants to fall in love so bad and who wants to find the one but who still wants to be a badass and who very well intends to have a life that does not revolve around a man, then welcome.

This article gives you tips on what you can do with yourself while you wait for the man of your dreams, the man you can find in your future, who would believe in your dreams and aspirations and who you would also feel the same way about his own life.

  1. Put your everything into your career: go all out to do everything it takes to push that career forward. When you are in a relationship, you tend to get distracted and then have the other person in mind while you make career decisions. Since you are single now, it is a good time to make career decisions without getting distracted and without being held back by being considerate of the other party.
  2. Find something you love doing: what are your hobbies? Past time? What you always lose yourself in and forget about the time? Find that thing, if you haven’t found it yet, then do it and enjoy it. Remember you do not have to worry about what your partner feels about it or how you are spending too much time away from the person you love. Enjoy it and who knows, you might start to get pay cheques from this thing!
  3. Go back to school and learn something different: I know this might not be what a lot of people want to do, but listen, it does not have to be a course you will be in school for, for years. It could be a course in something professional that you can learn in a year or less. What matters is that you make sure it is something you really love doing so when you go to school for it, you would not be frustrated by studying too much.
  4. Meet new people: when you are seeing someone, sometimes, you reduce the number of people you network with or meet. When you are single however, the sky is the limit for the number of people you can actually meet. Use this period to meet many new exciting people.
  5. Go on as many dates as possible: you are single, so this means you do not have to see movies, go to the beach, attend parties or go clubbing with the same guy. Your options are very wide at the moment, so keep them open. At least until the one comes along.
  6. Work on a new you: I listened to a sermon once, when the preacher stated that the best time to work on yourself is when you are single. I totally agree with this. Take your time during this period to work on yourself, be a better person, be more mature, eat healthy and even exercise well. Drop your bad habits and embrace a new personality.


By the time Mr Right comes, you will be so ready, knowing you have done everything you need to do for you, for you.




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