How to Ditch That Bitch

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Friendship is not by force.

Okay, maybe that is not a right way to start an article but really, read it all over again and ask yourself, is the friendship I have with this person worth it? Does she bring me down more than she pulls me up? Am I always unhappy with her? Does she always make me feel worthless? Is this friendship beginning to look like it is by force?

Friendship, in my opinion, is the strongest form of relationship there is in this world and the basis for every other form of strong relationship. Look at it, the moment you and your spouse become friends, your relationship lasts forever. The moment you become friends with your mother or father, you realize that your relationship becomes more solid. In other words, friendship is the strongest relationship ever.

Now the moment your friendship is not looking like friendship anymore, and it is beginning to resemble some sort of battle field, then time has come to ditch it. Life is too short to be unhappy.

If any of these things are becoming a constant feature in your friendship, then time has come for you to expire it.

-Your friend is never happy for you: Friendship is about being happy for each other amongst other things. If your friend is forcing happiness whenever something great happens for you or she never seems to be happy for you, it means the friendship is beginning to get poisonous.

-She is never there to listen: While you sit and listen to everything she has to say, she is never there for you. An excuse always pops up when it is time for her to listen to you talk about things that are bothering you. Well, maybe now is the time to get rid of her before she becomes part of your issues.

-Her mouth is never sealed: You are always scared to discuss any personal matter with her because telling her is equal to telling five other people about your business. A friend who makes your gist public knowledge is not exactly your friend. Time to let her go.

-You always feel lonely even though she holds the bestie title: She is your bestfriend but she is never there for you because she is busy doing nothing in particular. Your friend should always be there for you and your bestfriend should always make you a priority. That is the essence of being a bestfriend yeah? I mean its not only about the hashtags on social media, or the pictures you all take. It is about being there, being like family.

-She treats your boyfriend like he belongs to you both: and this is not her first time. That was how she was with your ex and some other guy who was asking you out as some point. A woman like that always keeps her eyes on things that are yours forgetting to get hers. Ditch her before she takes what belongs to you and leaves you angry.

-She is never truthful: Lie after lie keeps rolling off her lips. You think this behavior is just for outsiders? Oh well, the day she tells you a huge lie and you are lucky enough to find out, you will realize then that liars aren’t truthful to anybody. Not even their close friends.

-She is there for everyone but you: She is always the one who runs off to help other friends but when it is time for her to be there for you, you never see her brakelights. Oh well…


Friendship should not be something people do when it is convenient for them. The essence of friendship is to go out of your way to be there for your friend. The moment it begins to seem forced or the moment your friend cannot be there for you, is when your friendship is over. Get out before you get hurt.



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