How To Break a Man’s Heart

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It can be really be hard to say no to some guys when they ask you out. They are often persistent and it is stressful to cut them off. Most girls would say yes to these guys because they can’t do the hard work involved with saying no, even when the guy is nothing close to what they want in a man. After some weeks, they get bored and start looking for a way to break things off with him. It can be a hard task looking for a man’s breaking point.

But not to worry, Ihave compiled a list of some of the most creative and exciting ways to break the so called hard heart men are said to have. The interesting part is that he won’t even suspect what you are to up to. You are totally going catch him off guard. You can also borrow from this list, if you are tired of your current relationship.


1. Nothing hurts a man more than when a girl who has showered him attention and love from the start suddenly goes for his friend or someone he is very familiar with. Be the best girl for him and then suddenly move to his friend without making him suspect a thing. Although this may be tricky and can make you look cheap.


2. An insecure chick can push a man totally off the cliff. Bring your best to the relationship but complain all the time how scared you are of losing him to another girl. No matter how much he reassures you that you are his one and only, do not stop whining about how unsure you are of his love for you.


3. Confused chicks can drive a man nuts. Be a loving, devoted, sweet girlfriend to him today and tomorrow, be cold and insensitive. When he complains about your attitude, tell him you don’t think love is for you and you are not sure the relationship can result into a long lasting one. Make sure the other times you are not like that, you are making him feel like the luckiest man in the world.


4. Be his confidant and then stop listening to whatever he has to say to you, suddenly. He would be so shocked as to how his good girlfriend that was a devoted listener suddenly changed. If he tries to make you guys talk about, ignore him totally. The key word is IGNORE. Shun whatever he has to say to you or change the topic to something irrelevant to your relationship.


5. There is nothing that cuts a man’s interest in a girl off more than a lady that is not sure what she wants from the guy. Be his lover today, tell him to just be your friends with benefits tomorrow, withdraw from him sexually the next and then tell him you just want to be friends with no strings attached. He will be mad, trust me, if he likes you as much as he claims.


6. Although physics has taught us that unlike poles attract, it is the exact opposite when it comes to law of attraction in relationships. Chase him away by doing the exact opposite of the things he stands for. If he hates when people fart in front of him especially while eating, do it. Drive him crazy by doing things he hates the most. He would be running in no time.


7. Dealing with needy and obsessed people can be really exhausting and crumple a relationship. Cling to him all the time. Get as clingy as following him to the toilet, if you can stand it. Force him to give you his phone and ask him about the phone numbers stored on his mobile device. Ask ridiculous questions that will put him on the defensive side and then cry if he tries to defend himself. Show up at parties he is attending without letting him know. You can even visit his parents without his consent. He will be saying goodbye pretty quickly when you do these things.


8. Demand extravagant things you know he cant afford. When he says he can’t afford it, cry and compare him with your ex-boyfriends that got you wanted you wanted without even asking. It doesn’t even have to be true, lie and be smart while dishing out the lies. Flaunt some of the expensive things you have and tell him how one boy got it for you. No one wants to do deal with an overly materialistic chick, one that compares him with other people at that.


9. Always find a reason to argue and quarrel with him all the time. Make sure it is over ridiculous things too like how he likes presses the toothpaste from the the middle of the tube rather than the bottom or how he keeps on not replacing the toilet lid when he is done. Argue that he expects you to do his bidding when he doesn’t do yours.


Do one of these or all of these (if he is being too stubborn breaking up with you) and you will have him running away from you. Although, sometimes the truth delivered with a bit or lots of bitterness can do the trick too.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

A passionate reader, a photographer of thoughts and an ardent book collector. A nerd in love with the world built by words...


  1. Sometimes a really loves you so much it’s more than words can say it’s a feeling of belonging a feeling of purpose a feeling that fills you up with hope that there is still good in the world that not all the pain and dark time can spoil.
    But next you know it’s taken away from you and your hole world turns to ash .
    Something you girls didn’t know if a really loves you , you don’t hurt him you kill him that would be the kinds thing to do .
    The pain we feel ….. I would honestly cut out my own heart then go through it .
    I know how it feels death would be better .
    so rather just say leave me alone I’m not interested in you at the start .
    If you love someone with all your heart no one can ever replace them and you are unable to ever love any other person as much so you end up being hollow.
    Your sad all the time nothing is worth it any more .
    So please think about this some guy are scum but the funny part is you don’t hurt them you would rather tear out the hearts of the sweet guys what worship you .

    1. Jesus man!!! Stop being such a pussy!!! “Sweet guys that worship you” lol that’s a fkn joke right? No? Well that’s why you got your heart broke. Women don’t want sweet men. They want MEN! Have a life of your own dude. Have some purpose. Have dreams chase them. Be passionate about shit other than your girls puss. Because life’s not about worshipping a woman. It’s about doing the right things and being able to survive. Love everyone but have boundaries. You should also worship the almighty

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