Hit Or Miss: Jennifer Lopez’s Thigh Split Dress/Trouser Atelier Versace Outfit.

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That has to be the most confusing headline ever..lol.

Last week superstar  J.Lo was spotted in this quite confusing half sparkly white lace ensemble by iconic  designer Versace. She wore this outfit to the Versace fashion show.

Jennifer Lopez

She easily stole the show as her dress was very unusual. The dress is allegedly from the designer’s next collection, so Miss Lopez got to wear the dress before it hit the runway.

She had her hair pulled into a ponytail, and accessorized with chunky gold bracelets, dangling gold ear-rings and finished off her look with white strapped platform  Versace sandals. The hybrid outfit highlights her bum and never ending legs pretty well.

Celebrities Arriving at Versace Fashion Show

What are your thoughts on the outfit? Would you wear it? Is it a hit or a miss for Jennifer Lopez?

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