Girl Wants To Sue Singer August Alsina For Rupturing Her Cervix During Sex

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A girl is claiming that singer August Alsina’s ‘junk’ is so big that he ruptured her cervix when she had sex with him and she’s thinking of suing him.  But Nne who force you? Below is what she told Media Take Out. 

“I wanted to put [R&B singer] August Alsina on blast, and I’m thinking about suing him for hurting me. He ripped my cervix.

It’s a long story, but August reached out to me on Instagram, after he saw some of my bikini photos. It started off as innocent flirting. I wasn’t even convinced it was really him. There are a lot of catfishes outchea. Anyway, a few months back, he asked me to fly to Virginia to his concert. He said that we could to hang out after. He didn’t pay for the flight, but he left me tickets and backstage passes which was nice of him. After the concert he was acting real nice. He introduced me as his girlfriend to everyone there. I felt so special. We went out to a club for about an hour. He held my hand for the whole night. I was in heaven. Then we went back to his hotel it was ON.

I admit I was the aggressor at first. We kissed hard and I practically ripped his clothes off literally. He got into it and let me play rough with him. But when I took off his underwear LAWD JESUS I didn’t know d*kcs like that existed. No lie MTO that thing has to be a foot long and thick. It looks like a bottle of Febreze.
When I saw his thing I was like whoa, you’re going to have to go slow with that. He did at first. It hurt at first. Then I started loving it. After a while he started going in real deep, he pumping me and putting all his weight behind it. It felt good until I felt a pop. Somehow his big d*ck hit something he shouldn’t. I felt so much pain my legs started shaking.
I swear it must have happened to him before because he immediately stopped and started asking if I was OK. I told him I was, but I wasn’t because blood was dripping out of me and I couldn’t walk. He had his security team drive me to the hospital and I was there for 4 days with a ruptured cervix. Doctors say that I lost so much blood that I could have died.
Now I’m considering suing August for my pain and suffering. He’s been cool about everything but I think I should be compensated for being injured like that. He should be more careful with that thing in his pants.


Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. He was nice enough to have you taken to the hospital and actually asked if you were fine when you were the one saying you was OK if he would’ve known he would’ve stopped. But you want to consider suing…. im pretty sure if he knew that was going to happen ge probably wouldn’t have screwed you……

  2. That’s her own fault. She the one played like she was ok. He asked if she was ok. She the one who “RIPPED his clothes off”. Ok what do you expect. If any man clothes is ripped off and he is attracted to you and wanna smash im sure he would kiss and probably think you want it rough to. Stupidity at its best. If he didn’t care he would have left this chick or dump her out his hotel room like trash. You made your bed, now lay in it. Nobody made that choice to sleep with him but you. DESPERATE AT ITS BEST!!!!!! SUMBIT ONLY TO YOUR HUSBANDS

  3. This is freaking hilarious lolololo rmao!!!!!!! I agree it’s her fault. Thia is the most ridiculous story ever.SHAME!!!!

  4. She trying to get paid. First and foremost he seek help for the girl. He ask was you okay. I give him high five for looking out for her. Now you want to sue the dude. I hope and pray this person gets nothing because she is responsible and he did his part taking her to the hospital. Now she wants money! O really! Girl please. She need to take herself to the doctor. Why make this public for humiliation for you and him? Can you handle this in the privacy? Everyone doesnt have to know your business if it’s true

  5. It’s fake., this is from August team to keep the rumors of him being gay.. And him and trey songz are a couple . It’s a publicity stunt from Aug team no pics, IG messages, no texts. No doctor bills? Fake much so!!!

  6. she sound stupid. how you gonna sue somebody for something you wanted. she knew he was ” big ” before she did it to him, that’s the risk you take when you want it so bad.

  7. If you could not take it you should have kept your skinny butt home!!! August bring it down here to NC ill show u!!

  8. this story is a total lie…..for real…… what makes her so special from every other girls on instagram … and 2 it wudnt make since to just introduce you as his girl if he dont even know you like that. august a real ass nigga, dont believe this shit…..childish ass story come on now

  9. Thirsty groupie. If she’s tellin the truth i still don’t see how she wins. She talkin bout pain and suffering but she tellin him she’s ok. Bye girl. I’m sure her aunt or her cousin talked her into suin him. Learn how to take some dick. Lol.

  10. this is bullshit 1st off she could of said no plus y sue when her ass was all up for it…. plus she postin up bikini pics bitch she want some attention get really realz plus if she do sue she aint gonna when thats stupid aint like its a rape charge

  11. Why you saying its ONLY HER fault -_- he’s the one who wanted her to come, they both wanted to get it on xD But she should’ve walked away if she saw IT xD if she didn’t, he probably shouldn’t have beaten the pussay up too hard xD if that story is real o.o

  12. I think that bitch was as horny as a bull and she wanted it herself.and if he actually did.that to her the whole” ripping out my cervix” thing I she wouldn’t be writing her shit cuz she’s obviously sayin he raped.her SHAME

  13. If everything is ok and he being nice about it than why would you be telling everybody yo business y cuz it’s fake the whole stories fake I can’t stand fake shit

  14. Ratchet you gone get mad??this is a huge issue now days little girls trying to play grown thats what your butt get dude couldn’t even buy your ticket but you giving up the booty shmfh THOTTIE

  15. im not that sily to believe this shit jus wanna sae to them B.I thats what you get from f^**n with them real ass nigga . its a lie to drive us away from the fact that he is a Gay . but the guy can sing xo xo

  16. So I’m annoyed by what I read. It said its a publicity stunt and that august and trey songs are a couple -.- get real. August is a real nigga. Look what he grew up with and went through. I’m almost certain he is not gay, and this whole groupie thing is suchhh a lie.#TeamAug

  17. Hey girl, I totally understand you. I mean dang he should have took it a little easier. And plus you’re broke now lol he’s not he’s sitting somewhere nice enjoying his day. Maybe this is your way to get paid. A famous star hurting you on accident. Sorry you could take him to court. I might if I were you. I feel like my ex did the same thing and I’m thinking about doing the same thing. Shoot lol.

  18. Oh please, she initiated the sex and showed him how she wanted it so he gave it to her just how she wanted it. That’s ratchet as hell of her…He did what any man would do. So why complain now?

  19. I don’t believe he reached to her on inta I think that she shouldn’t sue him because she the one who wanted it to and u led him on if u didn’t want to have sex u could’ve said no simple as that

  20. He didn’t force you but where the proof talking bout suing him but you wanted the d and you didn’t stop him from going on

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