Five Things Single Women Wish You’d Stop Saying To Them

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I’ve been single for quite some time and I have heard my friends (and family) ask me the most ridiculous questions/saying the most annoying things to me that sometimes make my eyes want to roll out of their sockets.

Don’t get me wrong, I know they care and that is why they ask me these things but come on, a single girl can do without hearing some of these things. I know I am not the only one who has had to endure these statements/cringe worthy moments. Read through the itemized points and I am certain you would agree with me.

  1. You should go out/put yourself out there more often- Okay, if you are single, chances are that you have heard this a million and one times already. To start with, the fact that I am single does not mean I am looking to date. Even if I were going to put myself out there more often, how many “out theres” do I possibly have to put myself in before the right man comes along? It doesn’t matter how often I put myself out there. You feeling me? That’s probably a nice way to respond to the next person who says this to you.
  2. You’re so great! How come you are still single? I get how much this sounds like a compliment but come on, single people are great at being great alone. Not every great person should be in a relationship. I’m great so I shouldn’t be single? Come on. What if I don’t want to be someone’s partner at the moment? Does that even count? I can be great alone, leave me be.
  3. Why don’t you introduce your sister/cousin/friend to your friend? My mom did this once. She actually turned to my older cousin, then seriously told him to find his younger cousin a boyfriend, she stated in Yoruba that he should have at least one single friend who wouldn’t mind dating. Oh well, he did. He hooked me up with his best friend, we fell in love and then my cousin won’t stay away. He practically wanted to know everything that was going on, including if we were having sex. You wanna know what happened to the relationship? Oh well, I am single, that should explain that.  Not to say all hook ups end up terribly, but sometimes, you need your friends/family to back off so you can find someone yourself. And they really need to stop trying to hook you up with everyone they come across that is single. Ugh
  4. I think you should be less picky: Okay, seriously? Like seriously? A single woman, no matter the age is allowed to make choices. So you are in your early thirties and everyone around you including the media makes you think your choices are limited and you should hurry off with the next guy that comes along, even if he is annoying, has no regard for boundaries, has no goals, is very rude and does not respect himself.  I think not. You are allowed to be picky, do not let anyone talk you into not making the right choice(s).
  5. No man is perfect, you had better lower your standards: Under no circumstances should any sane woman lower her standard for anybody. You can compromise of course, but make sure you are not becoming less of who you are for any man. If the man cannot work on his behavior, his attitude and how he treats you, I don’t see why you should be compromise anything for him. Stay single and wait for the one man who deserves the whole of you.


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