Ex-SUPERMAN and PRISON-BREAK Star Appear in First Teaser for Season 3 of ARROW

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Damn its been a while since i really had time to blog about movies and TV series and it’s even more strange that one of the first things i’d be talking about is the new Arrow teaser for season 3. While the last season is easily forgettable when compared to other series i followed during it’s original run, the new trailer promises so pretty interesting events to come.

The first look at season 3 of Arrow which was recently released online teases Oliver Queen and Felicity finally going on a date where he reveals he was not always on the island what exactly happened. We also get a surprise in form of former Superman actor Brandon Routh who played the man of steel in Superman Returns as Ray Palmer and Prison Break and Blacklist star Peter Stormare who plays Werner Zytle a new Count Vertigo. We also get to see Roy Harper take on the role of Arsenal with the full costume.

The new season of Arrow will be premiered October 8, 2014 so there’s still enough time and i’m quite certain that we’ll get to see more from it.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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