Doing the PDA Without Causing the RME

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They say our culture does not allow PDA, whatever that means.

One thing that I know for sure however is that whatever culture you practice in your country, when PDA goes a little too far, people tend to roll their eyes and find you irritating. There is a limit to everything.

For the purpose of this article, PDA means Public Display of Affection.


Do not plan it, it is not supposed to be rigid and timed. It is supposed to just happen, it is supposed to have a moment and you are just supposed to go with that moment. However do not be so carried away in the moment, you forget you are in a public place and then begin to act out what you would do in your bedroom.


We understand how hard it is for you to keep your hands off each other. We get it. What we would not get is if you now turn it into a show and then do it forever in our faces. It would make us want to roll our eyes out of our sockets and as much as you might not care about what happens to our eyes, you should know when to stop.


Back in school, there was this couple who did not care about who was looking and who had their PDA anywhere and anyhow and anytime while making loud kissing noises and dipping their hands into each other’s private parts.

They went from cute to creepy and downright annoying in like two seconds, especially because of the kissing noises.

While doing a PDA, remember you have not rented out the whole mall, road, street, store or wherever the venue of your PDA is and try to keep it quiet.


There are some periods and places where pulling a PDA is totally off limits. Places like wherever kids are or kids tend to pass by. You should NOT pull a PDA where a kid is. Hold whatever it is you want to do till the little one is out of sight.

PDA 360nobs

While this article is not telling you how to behave with your partner in public, know that there is usually a limit to how far you can go when showing affection. You should not offend the public with your display of affection, neither should you cause a scene with it.

If you want viewers, you can always make a sex tape and upload it. That always works.




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